Nigerian email contract 2.0

Bill Turque for the Washington Post: D.C. teachers contract may be close, union chief says

In an e-mail to teachers Wednesday night, George Parker said the union is “finalizing discussions” with the D.C. school system on a tentative agreement, which is expected to include a 20 percent salary increase over five years, a voluntary pay-for-performance plan and increased latitude for Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee to fire or reassign teachers. …

… Parker and Rhee both have every incentive to wrap up the contract. Parker faces a challenge from WTU General Vice President Nathan Saunders in union elections scheduled for May. Without a deal that puts more money in teachers’ pockets, he could face a tough race. In Saunders, Rhee would be dealing with a new union president who has been among her most bitter critics.

Well, I can’t prove that Parker has been actively complicit with Rhee, I can’t even point to any specific evidence of that save this his acts of commission and omission have consistently undermined the union. What I can say is that were I a DC teacher, I would vote for Nathan Saunders.

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