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Congratulations Elizabeth Davis and Candi Peterson

The Washington Teacher’s Union has new leadership! Hurray!

Why does Nathan Saunders have a job?

Why are DCPS & WTU President Saunders Downplaying the Excessing of 500-600 Teachers?

Under the current Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) Collective Bargaining Agreement, there is a great likelihood that excessing eventually leads to one’s termination as there is no longer a requirement for teachers to be placed by DCPS. With fewer positions available due to school closings, it is reasonable to conclude more teachers will be forced out. What the general pubic doesn’t understand is that Highly Effective and Effective teachers are among the pool of excessed candidates. Add to this list the number of reconstituted schools (Cardozo High School and Patterson Elementary School) and the number of yearly excessed teachers increases.

We are led to believe by WTU’s President Saunders that the majority of teachers will get re-hired without any evidence to support these claims. Erich Martel, a retired DC Public Schools high school teacher ponders- “Why Chancellor Henderson and WTU President Saunders are downplaying the number of teachers getting excess notices this year?”  

Candi Patterson for the Washington Teachers Union

It’s Official – I’m Running in the WTU elections!

Good afternoon to all of you. It’s official on April 30, 2013- I declared my candidacy for Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) General Vice President again. This time, I am running on the Elizabeth Davis (known as Liz) slate. It’s an opportunity for a new start, for new beginnings- a time to take stock of where we’ve been, where we stand and how much needs to be done for DC teachers and school personnel.

Good luck and God speed.

The truth about education deform

The Washington Teacher

Please Join the Washington Teachers’ Union for a Special Event!
Saturday, June 18, 2011
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Premiere Screening & Panel Discussion

Benning Public Library
3935 Benning Road, NE
Washington, DC 20019

Please join WTU President Nathan Saunders, General Vice President Candi Peterson, community and education leaders for a premiere screening and panel discussion about the documentary, “The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman.” This documentary was written and directed by New York City public school teachers and parents in response to the misleading film, “Waiting for Superman.” It depicts the real-life experiences of public school parents and educators to show how these so-called reforms are actually hurting education. It also highlights the kinds of real reform – inside schools and in our society as a whole – that are urgently needed to genuinely transform education in this country.

**WTU members are encouraged to attend this free event and participate in an engaging discussion about the challenges facing education reform in general and in the District of Columbia Public school system.**


(202) 291-3399

How we know that George Parker is losing the WTU

Randi Weingarten is trying to delay the election.

It is really sad when a union leader betrays the membership.

Nigerian email contract 2.0

Bill Turque for the Washington Post: D.C. teachers contract may be close, union chief says

In an e-mail to teachers Wednesday night, George Parker said the union is “finalizing discussions” with the D.C. school system on a tentative agreement, which is expected to include a 20 percent salary increase over five years, a voluntary pay-for-performance plan and increased latitude for Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee to fire or reassign teachers. …

… Parker and Rhee both have every incentive to wrap up the contract. Parker faces a challenge from WTU General Vice President Nathan Saunders in union elections scheduled for May. Without a deal that puts more money in teachers’ pockets, he could face a tough race. In Saunders, Rhee would be dealing with a new union president who has been among her most bitter critics.

Well, I can’t prove that Parker has been actively complicit with Rhee, I can’t even point to any specific evidence of that save this his acts of commission and omission have consistently undermined the union. What I can say is that were I a DC teacher, I would vote for Nathan Saunders.

So what is Harry Jaffe smoking?

Harry Jaffe

Michelle Rhee needs an image consultant. A marketing manager. A junkyard dog press agent. Something!

Rhee’s problem isn’t that she has a horrible image, her problem is that she is a horrible person. Listen to what students say about Michelle Rhee: