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The fight for a living wage in DC

Kelsey Reid

Ramirez, 55, has been cleaning Union Station for more than 21 years and makes $8.75 an hour with no benefits. She said she struggles to pay for housing and worries about ever being able to retire. She recently went on strike with Good Jobs Nation, an advocacy grouping calling for an increase in the wages of federally-contracted workers.

“I’m calling on President Obama to be a good landlord,” she said, in a reference to the President’s executive authority over the wages of federally contracted workers. She demanded that the president reform wage regulations for federally-contracted workers like herself.

Congratulations Elizabeth Davis and Candi Peterson

The Washington Teacher’s Union has new leadership! Hurray!

Why does Nathan Saunders have a job?

Why are DCPS & WTU President Saunders Downplaying the Excessing of 500-600 Teachers?

Under the current Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) Collective Bargaining Agreement, there is a great likelihood that excessing eventually leads to one’s termination as there is no longer a requirement for teachers to be placed by DCPS. With fewer positions available due to school closings, it is reasonable to conclude more teachers will be forced out. What the general pubic doesn’t understand is that Highly Effective and Effective teachers are among the pool of excessed candidates. Add to this list the number of reconstituted schools (Cardozo High School and Patterson Elementary School) and the number of yearly excessed teachers increases.

We are led to believe by WTU’s President Saunders that the majority of teachers will get re-hired without any evidence to support these claims. Erich Martel, a retired DC Public Schools high school teacher ponders- “Why Chancellor Henderson and WTU President Saunders are downplaying the number of teachers getting excess notices this year?”  

Education Reform is just a polite phrase for labor war

Pink Slipping DC’s Teachers Does Not Improve Achievement

One by one, Cardozo Senior High School teachers and school staff were called down to the Principal’s office today to receive pink slips. Just a week ago, DC’s Cardozo High School staff were notified that 100% of our staff would be reconstituted and required to reapply for our jobs, with the exception of the school’s principal. Later on in the same week, 90 staff members had to submit to abbreviated 5-7 minute interviews and answering three questions by the school’s principal.

I really don’t know how Mayor Gray, Muriel Bowser, Tommey Wells, or Jack Evans can face Cardozo parents. I really don’t.

Candi Patterson for the Washington Teachers Union

It’s Official – I’m Running in the WTU elections!

Good afternoon to all of you. It’s official on April 30, 2013- I declared my candidacy for Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) General Vice President again. This time, I am running on the Elizabeth Davis (known as Liz) slate. It’s an opportunity for a new start, for new beginnings- a time to take stock of where we’ve been, where we stand and how much needs to be done for DC teachers and school personnel.

Good luck and God speed.

The struggle for a living wage

Walmart Fighting Bill That Would Grant Living Wage to Employees in D.C.

The mega-retailer—which is set to open six stores in D.C., the first two later this year—is among a number of opponents to a proposed bill that would force national retailers with stores larger than 75,000 square feet and annual revenues of over $1 billion to pay an hourly living wage of $11.75 and offer benefits, reports the Post.

The bill was introduced by D.C. Council Chair Phil Mendelson and is backed by 11 of his colleagues.

Three cheers for Phil Mendelson, I didn’t know he had it in him.

I don’t know whether this is the result of the Respect DC activists, pressure from Giant and Safeway, of just the mere thought of all those part time Walmart workers filling up DC’s homeless shelters, but it seems DC Council is going to do the right thing. Hurray!

Another reason we don’t want Walmart in DC

Warehouse workers report dangerous conditions at Walmart.