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Mayor Gray’s blunder

Gray wants Occupy D.C. out of McPherson Square

In a letter to the National Park Service first reported by the Washington Post, Gray points to problems with rats, communicable disease, hypothermia and food borne illness.

If Mayor Gray had even a passing concern about vermin he would do something about the Ft Chaplin apartments where vermin and mold run riot. As he does not enforce code on Ft Chaplin or any other run down apartment complex, he clearly has no concern.

This is just a ruse to shut down the demonstration. But it is a first amendment issue. The protestors are raising serious issues and are peaceful. Mayor Gray needs to respect their first amendment rights.

And they can’t move to Freedom Plaza, the demonstration at Freedom Plaza was organized by a different group and the two groups do not especially agree.

Mayor Gray needs to do the right thing, let the demonstrations run their course. And yes, they could be here at the time of the 2013 inauguration. These are the times in which we live. Gray needs to accept that.

Well done Mayor Gray

D.C. Mayor Orders Police Not to Check Immigration Statuses, Even in Arrests

“This executive order ensures public safety by ensuring that our police resources are deployed wisely and our immigrant communities feel safe cooperating with those who are sworn to protect them,” Gray said in a statement

The key to public safety is community police cooperation. That cannot happen if the community as a whole fears police.


Irene’s challenge to Vincent Gray

So, will Minnesota Avenue receive the same level of attention as Foggy Bottom and Georgetown?

Time to raise taxes on DC’s wealthiest residents

Court monitor voices concern over budget for D.C. child welfare agency

Cuts aimed at the city’s most vulnerable residents will have a destabilizing effect upon the city. Much better to raise taxes on our wealthiest residents.

Mayor Vincent Gray destabilizes the city

Take a glace at these barbarous budget cuts and you will realize that they will have the effect of destabilizing the city.

It is not merely that this will have the very real consequence of putting hundreds of city residents on the streets, but it will also remove millions of dollars that moves directly into the city’s economy. Social spending on the poorest of the poor is the most fiscally stimulative spending that you can have.

Mayor Gray and city council need to raise taxes on the city’s wealthiest residents. Otherwise conditions will become chaotic.

We might just as well as reelected Fenty.

Kaplan Test Prep daily attacks Mayor Gray

Maybe there is a real story here. But I think this is the Washington Post’s way of maintaining pressure on Gray.

Putting Union Busting First

It appears that Kaya Henderson is continuing Rhee’s trainwreck policies.

So, is Vincent Gray OK with this, or is he going to defend the school system?