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Sulaimon Brown for Mayor

As mayoral candidate, Gray taking wait-and-see approach with Rhee

D.C. Council chairman and newly announced mayoral candidate Vincent C. Gray said he would decide whether to retain schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee only after he is elected, and raised “burn out” and her impending marriage to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson as issues he would want to discuss with her.

This is a sign that Gray does not have what it takes to take on the right wing stink tanks and business interests who back Rhee. It is also a signal to Rhee that she can continue to disrespect this city and pay no price.

The best we can hope for is that the WTU will decline to endorse. Under the leadersheep of George Parker the WTU would never have the guts to endorse Sulaimon Brown.

If we want real change we have to have the courage to vote for candidates our media tells as are also rans. Otherwise the oligarchy that has run this city into the ground will continue to wield power.

The save Rhee campaign has begun

Bill Turque of all people:

Still, should Gray actually win in September, both he and Rhee stand to lose by parting company. Gray would face criticism from school reform advocates, locally and nationally, who like Rhee. He could also find private foundations less willing to invest their millions in D.C. schools with someone else in the chancellor’s office.

Should Gray prevail in September it would be evidence that school deform advocates are a minority within the city. And if private foundations are only interested in giving money to projects that are abhorrent to voters, better our mayor say thanks but no thanks to their money. I am not sure that Gray understands that, which is why I lean towards Sulaimon Brown.

Questions for Sulaimon Brown

UPDATE: Sulaimon Brown has been kind enough to reply in the comments:

This is Sulaimon Brown and I appreciate the feedback posted here.

Please let me attempt to answer your concerns as I am working hard to do all over the District of Columbia.

In response to your first question, would I fire Michelle Rhee? Simply put; yes, without a doubt. I’ve mentioned this on Fox five morning news not to long ago and after her most recent false allegations about our beloved school teachers, it only solidifies my decision.

Further, I am not in favor of privatization of our public school system.

I have an excellent plan to improve our school system.

My plan entails stabilizing our teacher’s jobs, so they may focus more on our young people and not worrying about getting fired while doing so.

Second, increasing security in the schools, so the students can feel safe and focus on education.

Finally, implementing a board of educators with PhD’s in Education to oversee the school system.

Your next question asks, “Would he be willing to raise the top marginal rate of income taxes paid by our richest residents? Or would he continue with the stand and deliver parking fine banditry that passes for public finance here in DC?

In response to this I will say for the first part of this question, I’m not in favor of raising taxes on anyone, I’m more for increasing public oversight on the taxes we already are collecting.

The Fenty administration has grossly mismanaged our ax dollars and in some case illegally funneled our tax dollars to his friends.
As for the second part of this question, parking revenue is a standard part of collecting revenue in any city, but I don’t agree with the methods used in this city i.e. signs that are not clearly posted for law abiding residents to read and obey the law.

Your next question regarding jobs; We will implement a pairing program that will in our opinion open the door for greater job growth in the city. This program will give tax incentives to small businesses to hire residents. I spoke in detail about this issue on News Channel 8. Please log onto my website and click on the news link to watch the video.
As for your last two questions and concerns alluding to dog parks and swimming pools; fortunately the present administration has invested so much of the district tax money into this, I don’t think this will be an issue in my administration.

I love animals and I do swim, but our schools and young people come first.

Sulaimon Brown campaign for mayor is not about being disenchanted with Fenty, it’s about Love for DC.

Major credit to Sulaimon Brown for taking the time to respond to a Z list blog. Thank you very much.

I looked at the Sulaimon Brown web site, and I could not find anything on the issues.

Would he fire Michelle Rhee? And if he did fire her, would he just continue with the same privatization policies? Or would he work to preserve and improve our public school system?

Would he work to preserve public property?

Would he be willing to raise the top marginal rate of income taxes paid by our richest residents? Or would he continue with the stand and deliver parking fine banditry that passes for public finance here in DC?

How does he propose to bring more jobs to DC?

Will he establish more dog parks? more swimming pools?

It is not enough to be disenchanted with Fenty, you need to put forth your own program.