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Call for blogger solidarity

This post goes out to Duncan Black, Digby, Jane Hamsher, Melissa McEwan, Joshua Micah Marshall, and anyone else with an independent blog with over 10,000 hits a day.

The economy is going to get worse. Many of the small blogs who send you inbound links, and helped to raise up your traffic and page rank, are going to be in serious financial trouble. As in complete destitution. You will be receiving ever more cries for help.

Now the problem for a high profile blogger is not to play favorites. If you link to one fundraiser, then how can you say no to the next one. On the other hand, how can you look away when your blog buddies are losing their homes and going to shelters?

Let me propose a solution. Four times a year, a week before the quarter ends, remind your readers that there are many deserving small blogs who are doing good work and need to be supported. Ask your readers to support their favorite small blog. That way you fulfill your responsibility towards building blogger solidarity without playing favorites. It is up to your readers to decide which small blog they want to support. They might choose ones you have never heard of. And it is a good way to remind everyone that we are trying to build a movement.

And there is another reason to do it towards the end of the quarter. That is the time we hear from all the politicians begging us to give them a last minute boost. This will be a sharp reminder that they have done nothing to help ordinary Americans and that you are going to use your very limited bloggy powers to do what you can to ameliorate suffering among your readers.

Just a thought.