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Healthcare-NOW! sidewalk summitt

Meet Pat LaMarche

Another Corrente Wire live blog: Live blog with Green VP candidate Pat LaMarche next Tuesday at 1:00PM EST

Be there or be square!

Fighting for Single Payer in DC

coalition of the uninsured and underinsured for single payer

Following the lead of the US Conference of Mayors and over fifty state, country and city councils, all of which have passed resolutions in support of single-payer legislation, members of CUUSP met last week with representatives from Councilmember Vincent Gray’s office to request that the Councilmember introduce a similar resolution to be voted on by Council. This resolution would affirm the city’s commitment to upholding the human right to healthcare. While the representatives were willing to listen to the coalition’s ideas, they were skeptical that a large number of DC residents actually support single payer.

National polls show that about 65% of Americans support the idea of a universal, national health insurance system and CUUSP members suspect that number is similar, if not higher, in DC. The meeting with Council has reinvigorating our efforts to circulate our petition and gather endorsements from local organizations in support of the proposed resolution.

Dr. Margaret Flowers of PNHP at Corrente Wire

PNHP’s Dr. Margaret Flowers: Thurs, Feb. 4, 1:00PM EST

LIVE BLOG at Corrente with Dr. Margaret Flowers. What’s the latest in single payer advocacy? What about civil disobedience? What about the efforts in the States? And much more! Mark your calendars! Tell your friends! Prepare your questions!

Be there or be square!

Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein on HCR

Going Down the Same Old Tunnel

Having surrendered in advance to the private insurers and drug companies who profit from our dysfunctional health financing system, President Obama and the Democrats who lead Congress couldn’t rally the American people to support their woeful plan against Republican attacks.

The Democratic plan could only offer unpalatable funding options — stick consumers with ever-higher health costs, raise taxes, or drain money from care.

In the end, the Democrats’ back room deals produced a scheme reminiscent of the ones crafted by Mitt Romney (in Massachusetts, 2006) and Richard Nixon (Washington, 1972) -– but even less effective than those.

A simple single payer program could save $400 billion annually on insurance-related bureaucracy and profits, and tens of billions more by driving down drug prices. That’s more than enough to cover the uninsured and to upgrade coverage for insured Americans, without increasing health spending.

Coming to Corrente Wire: Kip Sullivan!

PNHP’s Kip Sullivan: Tuesday, January 12, 2:00PM EST/1:00PM CST

PA SB 400, health care reform you can believe in

Duncan Black:

A bit tired of people demanding that progressives support a bill which doesn’t exist

What about PA SB 400

An Act providing for a Statewide comprehensive health care system; establishing the Pennsylvania Health Care Plan and providing for eligibility, services, coverages, subrogation, participating providers, cost containment, reduction of errors, tort remedies, administrative remedies and procedures, attorney fees, quality assurance, nonparticipating providers, transitional support and training; and establishing the Pennsylvania Health Care Agency, the Employer Health Services Levy, the Individual Wellness Tax and the Pennsylvania Health Care Board and providing for their powers and duties.

A specific piece of legislation you can read and make a judgment about. There is a real, if slim, chance this could pass and Rendell has promised to sign it. An endorsement from a major blog right now would have a tremendous impact. So how about it Duncan, will the middle C in the mighty casio sound out for SB 400?