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Attention Sarah Bolger fans!

Sarah Bolger has a web site.

Now if she would only put on a video clip of last night’s famous scene where she says a public prayer for her father wherein she slips in a reference to the Virgin Mary, crossed herself, and finished with a Latin benediction.

Clever script writing and brilliantly acted.

Showtime REALLY needs to give Bolger a Queen Mary series. She is the only one who offers a multidimensional Mary Tudor.

Garment envy

Sarah Bolger as Mary Tudor

I want that hat.

Sarah Bolger as Mary Tudor

The Daily Beacon

Since Thomas Cromwell (James Frain) was beheaded at the end of season three, Bolger seems poised to take from Frain the slot of most captivating actor in the series. Bolger’s acting is the best argument for a follow-up Showtime series, chronicling Mary and Elizabeth. Her Mary is so intense and devout that it’s easy to see how she’d earn the nickname “Bloody Mary” later in life.

Actually Sarah Bolger comes close to redeeming one of history’s least sympathetic characters. Mary Tudor was jinxed from the get go. How could she ever accept the Reformation? How could she betray the memory of a mother who had sacrificed so much to defend her legitimacy?

Mary’s Catholicism was heroic in the young Mary. She put herself at risk for her religion. It would be fascinating to see what Bolger did with the role as Queen Mary. I hope she has the opportunity.