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UPMC Braddock Hospital closing protest

Yesterday between 5p and 6p 150 concerned citizens gathered in the parking lot of The UPMC Hospital in Braddock to protest the closing of the town’s only hospital.

PA SB 400, health care reform you can believe in

Duncan Black:

A bit tired of people demanding that progressives support a bill which doesn’t exist

What about PA SB 400

An Act providing for a Statewide comprehensive health care system; establishing the Pennsylvania Health Care Plan and providing for eligibility, services, coverages, subrogation, participating providers, cost containment, reduction of errors, tort remedies, administrative remedies and procedures, attorney fees, quality assurance, nonparticipating providers, transitional support and training; and establishing the Pennsylvania Health Care Agency, the Employer Health Services Levy, the Individual Wellness Tax and the Pennsylvania Health Care Board and providing for their powers and duties.

A specific piece of legislation you can read and make a judgment about. There is a real, if slim, chance this could pass and Rendell has promised to sign it. An endorsement from a major blog right now would have a tremendous impact. So how about it Duncan, will the middle C in the mighty casio sound out for SB 400?

Why not write about your own state?


I have a hard time writing about the health care situation because, as John says, I’m not even sure what it’s about anymore. What’s the Obama administration pushing for? What do they want? What’s the bumper sticker you can take to the country, other than “health care reform.”

Right now it seems to be “maybe, kinda, sorta, better than what exists now. Somehow.”

There is a major single payer initiative right now in Pennsylvania. Why not write about that?

How to control health care costs

Pass a Canadian style single payer plan, such as HR 676. But progressive bloggers won’t tell you that. They won’t even fight for single payer in their own state.

Action Alert: rally for Steve O’Donnell

This coming Monday [October 27th] night at Jefferson School in Mt. Lebanon Steve O’Donnell and Tim Murphy are going to debate the issues concerning constituents in the 18th Congressional district. We want Steve to have a sizable presence at the debate. It’s time to show Tim Murphy that he has a fight on his hands and that we aren’t going to let him get away with the complacency he’s shown towards his district as a congressman.

Before the debate we are going to have a big visibility outside the school so when Mr. Murphy shows up he can see just how much support Steve has!

Join us in winning back the 18th congressional district.

Below is the address and times for the visibility and the debate.

Jefferson Middle School
21 Moffett Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15243

Visibility 5-7:30
Please come when ever you are available

Debate 7:30-9

If you have any questions please call us at the office