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Obama reasserts authority to detain without charges

indefinite detention. I am so glad I did not campaign for this toad.

Fight for your right to party!

Save The Parties
Petition: Mayor Fenty, save Inaugural partying!!

We need health care not health insurance

Tell Obama that we need to pass HR 676, Medicare for All.

Notorious felon opposes Obama

DeLay On Obama: “I Tagged Him As A Marxist Months Ago”

Invoking William Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews today, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay declared that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) is a “radical” and a “Marxist.”


The content of Teach for America’s character

Jimmy Kilpatrick comments on Linda DArling Hammond:

Linda is so far out in left field. Regardless of her views TFA and the charter mocement in moving forward. Fisrt they have to elect the idiot that got into Harvard simple because he was black!

Jimmy Kilaptrick

I am not concerned about Obama, he got where he is today by being able to deal with the Jimmy Kilpatrick’s of this world. I am greatly concerned about the well being of children delivered into the tender mercies of the Jimmy Kilpatricks of this world.

Linda Darling-Hammond

Would the Obama administration be anti-TFA?

If you think that parsing Obama’s portfolio policy is difficult, what to make of the conflicting signals over Teach For America? On the one hand, Barack Obama has praised Michelle Rhee, the poster-child for Teach For America’s impact on American education. Several of his advisors are drawn from the group’s alumni and friends. And as I mentioned last week, as far as I can tell, almost 100 percent of the TFAers I know are pulling for Obama to win.

So why on earth is the campaign allowing Linda Darling-Hammond to play surrogate for the Senator and say nasty things about TFA in high-profile events? See for yourself; check out Vaishali Honawar’s Teacher Beat post about Tuesday night’s Education Week debate and scroll down to the YouTube clip about TFA. You’ll hear Lisa Graham Keegan of the McCain campaign promoting the program and LDH attacking it, arguing that it’s not the way to “build the profession.”

Let’s hope that Darling-Hammond’s view prevails.

David Sirota discovers the digital mob

Trends In Zombie Hate Mail

Now he knows what Taylor Marsh, Jeralyn, and even obscure Hillary bloggers have known for months. Obama has a nasty mob of digital enforcers who seek to silence anyone who dares to criticize the precious. And it isn’t just online, why does he think it got so ugly in the caucus states?

Obama is not a progressive. He isn’t the first community organizer who sold out for power.

It is going to get worse after Obama takes office. Not for nothing did he vote to continue FISA abuse.