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Chancellor Potty Mouth at the National Press Club

CSPAN has the webcast. I don’t have the heart to watch.

Michelle Rhee’s leadership called into quesiton by federal investigation


Earth to Dan, your educrush’s non-profit is involved in a federal probe

Michelle Rhee will give a talk to the National Press Club tomorrow and take questions. Someone in that audience needs to ask her about the investigation of St. Hope. They also need to ask her about the consent decree here in DC concerning the education of special needs children. They need to ask her why using substitute teachers is better than using full time, experienced teachers. They need to stop acting like her PR flack and start asking some questions.

Michelle Rhee to speak at the Natl. Press Club

Michelle A. Rhee, D.C. Schools Chancellor to Address the National Press Club

WASHINGTON, Sept 18, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ — District of Columbia Public Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee will speak about national education reform and her drive to fix the dysfunctional school system in the nation’s capital at a National Press Club luncheon on Sept. 29

Sadly I won’t be able to go, or I would ask her the following quesitons:
Why should test scores be a test of teacher evaluation to the exclusion of all other things?
What are you going to do to comply with the court order regarding special needs students?
How are you going to prevent bullying in schools that lump kidnergardeners with teenagers?
How are charter schools evaluated in terms or preformance?
Why was Dr. Art Siebens moved from Woodrow Wilson High School?
What are you going to do to reduce drop outs?
Why do you not have the support of parents?
Why is paying for your chauffeur more important than bus fair for Eastern High Schools Marching band so that they can participate in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival in Canton, Ohio?
Why can’t you answer to City Council like every other agency head?
How does demonizing teachers create an atmosphere where children can learn?
How much money have you accepted form private foundations? Who do you work for, said foundations or the citizens of the District of Columbia?
Are you concerned that your union busting will have a disruptive effect upon the school system?
Are you prepared to sacrifice children to your intellectual vanities?