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Answering KevinK’s question


I know this question will make heads explode on both the right and the left, but can you ever remember a time in your life when the Congress worked harder than they have since the beginning of 2009 (when they weren’t, you know, intently examining the Clenis)? Pretty good for the underrated Pelosi/Reid combo and the inexperienced, lazy-ass Kenyan.

Yes, the 88th Congress

Between Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, she is the best of a bad lot; but that is not saying much. However, should she be replaced by Steny Hoyer (D-MBNA) it would mean the end of the Democratic party, women really would walk out if the first female speaker was replaced for a crony capitalist.

However, should the Republicans retake Congress, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi would have no one but themselves to blame.

Job losses in recent recessions

Jobs lost chart

Via Madam Speaker