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What is wrong with these people?

Child molest is not a sex scandal. Child molest is a crime, a heinous crime!

DC to Michelle Rhee: DC School Chancellor is NOT a part time job

Some Question Rhee’s Connection to Sacramento Mayor

Former NBA star Kevin Johnson is now the recently-elected mayor of Sacramento, and the Sacramento Bee reports that Rhee has been in Sacramento almost every weekend since, aiding in the selection of his staff and appearing with him at events.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Rhee went to Sacramento for Johnson’s mayoral debate, his election night victory, his transition team press conference, and at Thanksgiving for a event to feed the hungry. She even screened candidates for Johnson’s chief of staff.

Michelle Rhee’s leadership called into quesiton by federal investigation


Earth to Dan, your educrush’s non-profit is involved in a federal probe

Michelle Rhee will give a talk to the National Press Club tomorrow and take questions. Someone in that audience needs to ask her about the investigation of St. Hope. They also need to ask her about the consent decree here in DC concerning the education of special needs children. They need to ask her why using substitute teachers is better than using full time, experienced teachers. They need to stop acting like her PR flack and start asking some questions.


The City Desk

Sacramento Bee – Federal agents investigating the use of taxpayer dollars by Kevin Johnson’s St. HOPE have turned the case over to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Sacramento, officials confirmed. A spokesman for the agency conducting the probe said he could not comment specifically on the case. But, any ” referral means that it’s our opinion that there is some truth to the initial allegations, backed up by our investigation of the matter,” said William O. Hillburg, spokesman for office of inspector general for the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Since the inspector general’s office does not have prosecutorial authority, Hillburg said it depends on federal prosecutors to “decide whether it’s a criminal or civil matter – essentially whether they want to put someone in jail or decide to get the money back. They might also say they can’t handle it, because it doesn’t meet their threshold for prosecution.”

Federal agents were dispatched to Sacramento in April to examine Johnson’s volunteer program, Hood Corps. They investigated whether the nonprofit misused federal funds, required volunteers to attend church and train for a marathon on the federal dime or mishandled allegations of sexual misconduct. . .