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When did Atrios blog for Medicare for All???


Federal judge strikes down whole law, sez mandate is unconstitutional and cannot be severed from rest of law.

Maybe we’ll return to my crazy idea to pay for it out of taxes.

Your crazy idea? When did you support single payer? When did you support Medicare for All? When the doctors were arrested at the Senate Committee hearing did you so much as mention it? Did you ever blog in support of the National Day of Action? The Mad as Hell Doctors Tour? Did you even link to Conyers’ Medicare for All page? Nope. So how was taxpayer support for health care your idea?

Did Atrios drink the public option kool aide?

Looks like he did.

The public option is an advertising slogan, not a policy, good or otherwise.

The most practical solution is Medicare for All.

Message for the Public Option Please crowd


The Pyrrhic Option: you begged for nothing and you got it.

Stop being peasants and start demanding a specific solution to the country’s healthcare crisis…

Medicare For All / HR 676: Don’t accept any substitutes or legislative rebranding of the only real option for the American public

No Booman, you are not a supporter of single payer

Booman, you are an Obama apologist. You have allowed your psychological investment in Obama to overwhelm everything else. So now your blogging consists of ever more contorted explanations of 17 dimensional chess.

Meanwhile support fo single payer continues to grow. All the while you are explaining that single payer is a lost cause, the Pennsylvania legislature is getting closer and closer to passing a single payer bill.

Single payer supporters continue to mobilize and a whole new group of blogs have sprung up to support single payer health care:

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ConnecticutMan1 ConneticutMan1 on Twitter Also posts on Booman and TPM Cafe, but I can’t find the links to his user page.


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How to control health care costs

Pass a Canadian style single payer plan, such as HR 676. But progressive bloggers won’t tell you that. They won’t even fight for single payer in their own state.

Medicare for All media campaign

Play you bet your health. Pass it on.

Bail outs are only for the big boys

Accountability is for Every Street but Wall Street

By Donna Smith
WASHINGTON, DC – Imagine my surprise when I turned on the television to see Elizabeth Warren of Harvard on Good Morning America making the pitch that we should have some Congressional accountability for the billions and billions we gave to the big boys to bail them out of their financial mess.

I was on a panel with attorney and Professor Warren that testified to Congress more than 16 months ago about the damage being done to middle class, insured Americans who go belly up due to medical debt.

I adore Warren. She is a straight shooter who is trying hard to make some of these bailed-out big shots tell the truth. She is on the mark about it being pretty unconscionable that they don’t have to tell us – the people who spent our tax dollars bailing them out. No one can force them to say how they spent the money we gave them. No one. They are above the law and will prosper mightily when this is all over.

The scenario for me and my husband has been quite different. We struggled – we begged, we borrowed in some pretty unwise ways and we finally went bankrupt – due to medical crisis. We had health insurance. We had disability insurance. We had a healthcare savings account. What we did not have was a bail out. We went broke. Lost it all. Home. Stuff. Relationships with people who cannot abide the bankrupt. And any future hopes of being homeowners too – or even doing significant credit buying of any kind. We’re labeled losers. We are those evil people, you know, those dirty ones who didn’t know better or plan better for the dark days.

You know what we’ll do with the Wall Street boys? We’ll give them more money when they need it. You know what we’ve done with Donna Smith and husband? We’ve made it impossible to apply for housing without reporting the bankruptcy – and nobody cares why we went broke. We’ve made it impossible for Donna to apply for many jobs without a dirty credit report showing the bankruptcy and marking her as irresponsible. We’ve certainly relegated her to a debit-card not credit-card world where she cannot rent a car or get other credit without the nasty bankruptcy rearing its head again.

This lack of Congressional oversight of the bailed-out boys is worse than unconscionable. It should be criminal to make my life hell and theirs heaven. It should be illegal for me to be labeled a failure — and for life — while they get more of my tax dollars without account. It should be so wrong.

Do you care? Should Congress hold them accountable at least as much as it does me for having gotten cancer? That was my crime. And now I beg for equality in housing and in financial services while the big boys flaunt their obscenity in my face on Good Morning America? Get real, America.

Let’s help Elizabeth Warren hold them at least a little responsible. Come on. First it’s me and then it could be you, I promise. Help us speak up. Tell Congress…