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Rally to save DC public housing

Save and Improve DC’s Traditional Public Housing RALLY 4/30

Rally and testify public housing and fund needed repairs
Pack the room for the DC Housing Authority budget hearing:


(Accessible by Federal Triangle or Metro Center Stations)
Rally outside followed by packing room 412
Bring ID to enter

Bus transportation is being arranged from public housing communities. To request transportation, testimony support or for more information about how you or your organization can support the Public Housing Campaign contact Schyla at (202) 234-9119 x101 or

Why does DC have so many homeless people?

Colbert King

Is it a question of funding or underfunding, management or mismanagement, commitment or lack of concern? Does part of the problem also rest with those without roofs over their heads? Is the answer some or all of the above?

The homeless, the most powerless part of our population, bear zero responsibility for their situation. No, I am not being a bleeding heart. I am just being realistic.

Like Colbert King, I am old enough to remember when there were so few homeless people in American, not just DC, but anywhere in America, that you never saw them. What changed? Did people suddenly become more foolish? Hardly. We had plenty of foolishness in the 1960’s and 70’s. We had drugs, we had domestic violence, we had mental illness, we had unemployment. But we had very few homeless. So what changed?

Ronald Reagan. The current wave of homelessness dates precisely to the Reagan administration. Cuts to mental health services (not just deinstiturtionalization, but also cuts to federal mental health programs) had the effect of dumping millions of mental patients on the streets with perfectly predictable results. In addition to that Reagan cut funds for public housing and closed many projects, that resulted in a dramatic loss of low cost housing, with perfectly predictable results.

Washington used to have places like Hartnett Hall, where you could get rent a room for $4 a night, and for $5.50, breakfast was included. An alcholoic could do the occassional odd job and have enough money to live indoors. It was a grim life, but at least it was indoors.

Back in Reagan’s time we began a series of policies that transferred wealth from ordinary people to wealthy, with perfectly predictable results.

And it is about to get far worse. Under Obamacare, all full time employees must be covered by health insurance, or the employer will pay a fine. A few employers will get health insurance, many will simply pay the fine as a cost of doing business, but the fast food and retail sector is most likely to respond by cutting every employee’s hours so that they are part time employees. Therefore, retail workers who currently lack health insurance, but at least have enough money for housing, will become homeless. We will see massive overcrowdiding as some employees sleep on the couches of family members, but many will wind up in homeless shelters.

So that is why people like Muriel Bowswer and Yvette Alexander are so misguided in their enthusiasm for Walmart. Walmart jobs are not sustaining. They don’t even pay poverty wages. Their workers will swamp our social service system. Meanwhile they threaten good paying jobs at union shops like Safeway and Giant, jobs that pay their way and make our social service system possible.

January 26 Housing For All Rally!

Housing For All Rally! A Vision for DC!
At the Housing For All Campaign we believe that DC can be a place where all residents live in housing in good condition that they can afford. As the District completes it’s comprehensive housing strategy, we call on District leaders to adopt a strategy that brings us closer to that vision. In particular, we call on Mayor Gray to adopt a housing strategy that is ambitious to meet the great housing challenges DC faces.

I hope you will join us as we rally for that vision! We have invited members of the District Council and Mayor Gray to join us and share with us their vision, so that together we can build Housing For All!



Saturday, January 26 2013
Noon – 2:00 PM
Martin Luther King Library
901 G St NW
Chinatown Metro

Join the Housing For All Campaign as we rally for our vision, a District with decent, quality affordable Housing For All!
Lunch will be served. Spanish interpretation provided. Children welcome.

Empower DC on housing

Tell City Council to ensure quality, affordable housing in DC

From Empower DC:

Come testify at a public oversight roundtable about the
Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs (DCRA)
And tell the Council to pass the Omnibus Rental Housing
Amendment Act and Tenant Protection Act of 2009, which:

• Permit tenants to bring housing conditions cases in Landlord-Tenant Court

• Require notice to tenants if the city brings an enforcement action against landlords

• Establish a mandatory system to ensure that all apartments are inspected regularly

• Set criteria for the Nuisance Abatement fund to fix deficient housing conditions

• Require DCRA and the Board of Condemnation to use the repair fund, where possible,
to repair dangerous conditions without displacing tenants

• Protect tenants who are temporarily displaced due to code violations

Public Oversight Roundtable
Wednesday, November 4th at 1:00 PM
at the Wilson Building: 1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW – Room 412 – sign-up at 724-8052

Need Help with Testimony, or for more information? Contact Linda Leaks from Empower DC:

(202) 234-9119

Three cheers for Empower DC

Opponents of Homeless Shelter Closure Gather Outside D.C. Council Meeting

Dozens of residents marched in Northwest Tuesday to call on the council to pass a law that will ensure that public land will be maintained for public use. One of those properties is the Franklin shelter, which will close this fall.

Will someone PLEASE run against Fenty?

Video of protest
The council came through. Franklin Is saved (For Now).
The District Still Needs Shelters

TENAC candidate’s forum


Thursday, August 14, 2008 – 18:30

Every Election Year, TENAC holds a Candidates Forum and This Year is No Exception! TENAC is Inviting All Candidates, of All Parties, Running for the D.C. City Council, and U.S. House and U.S. Senate Seats Up for Grabs This Year! We Invite You, and All Tenants and Interested Citizens to Attend! Be Sure to Bring Your Neighbors and Friends! Ask the Candidates for Answers – – About Affordable Housing, Displacement and Evictions, Rent Control, Condo Conversions, Gentrification, Inspections and Repairs, Submetering of Apartment Units, Rent Increases, Tenants’ Rights and Much More!

DATE Thursday, August 14, 2008

TIME: 6:30 – 9 PM

WHERE: Foundry United Methodist Church, 16th & P Streets, NW

Near the Dupont Circle Metro Station (red line)

Closest Buses: 42, S1, S2, S4, N2, N4, N6, L2, L4, D2, D6, G2

We kindly ask that you distribute this e-mail as far and wide as possible, and also by traditional methods, such as posting the announcement and flyers in your building and public areas, and getting them to those without PC access, especially seniors and low-income tenants, who often lack these resources.