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This is no not funny

Rush Limbaugh participated in the Green Car Challenge on the Jay Leno Show. Rush drove an electric model of the Ford Focus. Jay instructed Rush that he would be penalized if he ran over Al Gore…

ha ha ha, assassinating politicians, what could be more hilarious. Can someone explain to me why we let Jeffrey Immelt an FCC license?

Hohenzollerns attack the Romanovs

Oliver Willis: Whining Right Wing Babies Disrupt GE Shareholder’s Meeting

Ever since 2002 I have been thinking that we were witnessing a break down comparable to the first world war. The great Anglo American alliance that has dominated the world since the end of WWII is breaking down under the weight of its own hubris. Instead of Kings it is bringing down press lords, but it is a break down all the same.

I think before Obama’s first term is over the Murdochs, Grahams, and Sulzbergers will all have given way to a non-dynastic business model. I also think GE and the other press giants will be broken up, probably by their institutional investors in an effort to pay off bond holders.