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Rally to save DC public housing

Save and Improve DC’s Traditional Public Housing RALLY 4/30

Rally and testify public housing and fund needed repairs
Pack the room for the DC Housing Authority budget hearing:


(Accessible by Federal Triangle or Metro Center Stations)
Rally outside followed by packing room 412
Bring ID to enter

Bus transportation is being arranged from public housing communities. To request transportation, testimony support or for more information about how you or your organization can support the Public Housing Campaign contact Schyla at (202) 234-9119 x101 or

Washington, DC People’s Platform 2014

Check out the powerful video from the People’s Platform forum. We resist! We confront! We challenge! We strike! We rise up!

Featuring ONE DC, Our DC, Empower DC, Fair Budget Coalition, and our other co-sponsoring organizations.

State of the Schools Community Summit – Save the Date- Saturday, Sept. 14th – 1-3pm

The latest from Empower DC:
Education “reform” by the Mayor and Chancellor causes deliberate confusion and instability for DC families. These government officials who are rarely present in the communities they make decisions about don’t really know how these decisions affect families. They never talk directly with them; they never listen and engage in true dialog. The decisions they make such as closing 15 DCPS schools force families out of the Public School system towards the privately operated charter sector, which by no means is providing families with a better educational experience for their children. Check out this story from a grandparent we recently spoke to about how her grandchild’s school closure has affected her family this year:

“My grandson first went to a new charter school. He went one day and they put him in detention for not having on a belt. He’s only 10 years old. I talked with the principal and asked if he thought that was appropriate, to put a child in detention on the first day, when I didn’t know he needed the belt. He said “Unfortunately, that’s what we do.” He didn’t act right. So I put my grandson back in DCPS, even though I didn’t want to. Hopefully I can find another school soon.”

It is unjust that DC families have to bounce around from school to school, sector to sector without finding anywhere they feel they really belong. The time for community driven education reform is NOW. The time for solidarity is NOW. We, DC Residents, have to strengthen our resolve and say “These are our schools and we know what is best”

Join us on Saturday, September 14th for the State of the Schools Community Summit, where we will be planning next steps in true community driven improvement of Education in our city!
Saturday, September 14
1-3 PM at First Rock Baptist Church
4630 Alabama Ave. SE

Child care provided and shuttle to 1st Rock church will be
provided from the Benning Road Metro (Please RSVP)
Childcare provided, there will also be a shuttle from the Benning Road Metro taking folks to the meeting location (pick-ups at 12:30, 12:45 and 1:00pm)

Empower DC sues over proposed school closings

Empower DC plans to sue over D.C. school closures

Grassroots community organization Empower DC plans to sue the District over Chancellor Kaya Henderson’s school-closure plan, saying that the closures disproportionately affect black students.

“The Constitution is colorblind. The proposed school closings are not,” lawyer Johnny Barnes, who will lead the litigation, said in a statement Friday. “Citizens who live in Anacostia are entitled by law to be treated the same as those who live on Albemarle.”

DC’s Ward 8 Parents Tell Mayor “Enough is Enough”

The future of Crummell School

Ivy City, tired of being a D.C. ‘dumping ground,’ takes on Gray over bus depot

In past years, Ivy City accepted unwanted projects with little more than a grumble. But not this time. Empower DC, an activist group that filed the D.C. Superior Court lawsuit in late July on behalf of two Ivy City residents and the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission, said it found several missteps by the city that should persuade a judge to block construction of the depot at the shuttered Alexander Crummell School, at 1900 Gallaudet Ave. NE.

Nice to see Empower DC get some publicity.

Vince Gray’s censorship

Empower DC takes our message to the Mayor



Join Empower DC to send a message to Mayor Gray:



Join the Empower DC contingent at the

Mayor’s “One City Citizen’s Summit”

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meet at 11 AM

At the Convention Center

801 Mt Vernon Pl, NW

Meet at Mt Vernon Pl. entrance/across from Carnegie Library/Mt Vernon Sq Metro

*Wear your Empower DC tshirt*

Join us to deliver information to summit participants about


RSVP to , (202) 234-9119 x104

Register for the Summit at


Mayor Gray recently commissioned a study of DC schools by the Illinois Facility Fund (IFF) and paid for by the Walton Foundation (Wal-Mart) and several other interests heavily invested in charter schools. The study divided DC schools up into 4 tiers (Tier 1 being the highest “performing” and Tier 4 being the “lowest performing”). The methodology used to rank the schools into Tiers was by looking at Standardized Test Score Results (DCCAS)

Overall the study offers 4 recommendations

Invest in facilities and programs to accelerate performance in Tier 2 schools.

Close or Turnaround Tier 4 DCPS Schools. Close Tier 4 charter schools.

Fill seats in Tier 1 Schools. Sustain the performing capacity of Tier 1 schools.

Monitor Tier 3 schools.

When reading the recommendations for the specific Top Ten Clusters, IFF also recommends to close some Tier 3 DCPS schools. Here are the Tier 3 and 4 schools the report recommends to close or turn around broken down by Ward.

Ward 1 – 2 schools – Bruce Monroe @ Parkview, Cardozo High School (both Tier 4)

Ward 4 – 5 schools – Brightwood Ed. Campus, Roosevelt High School (both Tier 4) —– Macfarland Middle, Raymond Ed. Campus, Truesdell Ed. Campus (these 3 are Tier 3)

Ward 5 – 5 schools – Burroughs Ed. Campus, Browne Ed. Campus, Spingarn High School, Wheatley Ed. Campus (these 4 are Tier 4) —- Noyes Ed. Campus (Tier 3)

Ward 7 – 10 schools – Aiton Elementary, Drew Elementary, Kelly Miller Middle, Woodson High School, CW Harris Elementary, Davis Elementary, Nalle Elementary (These 7 are Tier 4) —- Plummer Elementary, Beers Elementary, Randle Highlands Elementary (These 3 Tier 3)

Ward 8 – 16 schools – Anacostia High School, Kramer Middle, Garfield Elementary, Stanton Elementary, Johnson Middle School, Malcolm X elementary, Ferebee-Hope Elementary school, Terrell/McGogney elementary school, Patterson Elementary, Simon elementary (These 10 are Tier 4) —- Orr elementary, Ballou High School, Hart Middle, Hendley Elementary, King Elementary, Leckie Elementary (These 6 are Tier 3)



Mayor Gray, We Hold YOU Accountable to

Save our Schools & Communities:

We reject the flawed findings of the IFF report and its recommendations to close/turn around DCPS schools.

We demand a moratorium on school closures until a valid community-led process is developed for evaluating our schools.

Let’s start by holding a One City Citizen’s Summit dedicated solely to Education, where students, parents and educators – the real experts – can lead the discussion on how to better our schools.

Let’s try something new. Let’s work with the community to find the solution. We look forward to your response.

Parisa B. Norouzi
Executive Director
Empower DC
1419 V St, NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 234-9119


Message to Mayor Gray and City Council

Youth Speak Out About Budget Cuts & Youth Incarceration

Video shot and edited by Grace Ebiasah of the DC-based nonprofit Different Avenues. Grace asks youth how they feel about Congress’ decision to spend more money to lock up youth while drastically cutting programs that actually help youth.

Revitilization in Ivy City Without Displacement