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Michelle Rhee needs to be fired

Michelle Rhee’s Double Standard on Sex with Children

Michelle Rhee’s comment leads one to only three conclusions:

1. There were known pedophiles teaching in the DC schools and rather than going after them in court or at the least firing them for inappropriate contact with students, the disrtict merely let these people go merrily on their way to other schools and other school districts where they can again be around children.   Even if the district won’t hire them back, there are plenty of private and charter schools that will.  Plus they would be free to get other jobs that keep them in the proximity of schools.  She has done exactly the sort of thing that people have rightly complained about Catholic bishops doing–taking known pedophiles and instead of doing something about the problem moving them on to a new parish.

2. Michelle Rhee has slandered the names of the vast majority of the teachers who were let go.   She has said in the past that many were excellent teachers.  However, if you are hiring a teacher and you have two candidates.   One of them is good, but the other one is slightly better.   However, the one that is slightly better has a 2% chance of sexually abusing his students–are you really going to take that chance?  She has done irreparable harm to many good people and good educators.

3. On the other hand, it may simply be that Michelle Rhee doesn’t think sexual abusing minors is a big deal.  This is an appalling thing to say and perhaps an unfair accusation.  However, I do feel the need to bring it up because of her recent engagement to Kevin Johnson who has not only been accused of sex with minors, but records show that he paid one girl who filed a complaint against him $230,000.   Rhee has been accused of helping to kill investigations into the charges against Johnson.  Now, if I’m wrong here and Rhee believes that it is wrong and her future husband was wrongly accused, how dare she wrongly accuse others.

At worst this woman is aiding and abetting the sexual abuse of minors.  At best she is slandering the name of good people in a way that ultimately will destroy their career and their lives.   A woman like this should not be making decisions that affect our children.  A woman like this should not be allowed around children.