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C street family

Unsettled Christianity does a great job of tracking the activities of this dangerous religious cult.

Rhee’s reign of error at McKinley High School

Read about Rhee’s handpicked principal

Other acts reported by various students, staff and parents who testified before the council ranged from bribery of students and staff with money and other favors , failure to report drugs and guns on the school premises, an illegal audit, an OAG investigation, inappropriate behavior on the part of the principal with McKinley SH students on Face Book social network, Pinder disinvited students to attend McKinley High School without cause, intentionally reduced the enrollment of the student population, illegally suspends students or threatens to suspend students without cause, fails to consult with Local School restructuring Team, targeted certain staff members for termination, made the school top heavy by hiring numerous administrators, and discussed staff members in a derogatory manner in the presence of students, etc.

Pinder is gone, but Rhee and Fenty are still with us.