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It is not just Dave Sirota or Open Left. Obama is blowing the financial crisis. Duncan Black, FireDogLake, Calculated Risk, and many others are making very similar arguments. This could be Obama’s Bay of Pigs, a big disaster from which he learns. Or it could be his Vietnam, a disaster that grows because Obama is not willing to take on the Versailles Villagers.

Understanding The Financial Crisis–For Kids and Grownups

Monster Crash

Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America

Protesters Force Meeting with Fannie Mae Top Exec

The protesters from the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America sat on the steps of the company’s expansive brick headquarters and demanded that the government-controlled company modify loans to lower interest rates.

After demonstrating for several hours they met with company CEO Herbert Allison and other top managers this afternoon.

Blogging the bail out

Compendium of Corrente Wire’s efforts to stop the hold up.