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Question for Archbishop Dolan

Are you going to publicly repudiate Bill Donohue? Because on something like this silence equals conscent.

I am asking Archbishop Dolan because the New York Times is his hometown newspaper and when a man publicly identified as a Catholic publishes such a morally abhorrent advertisement, it behooves the Archdiocese of New York to repudiate it.

I could ask the same of Cardinal Wuerl.

Really, it is impossible to dismiss the thought that the Roman Catholic church is run by truly horrible people who are a eminent danger to children, gays and lesbians, women, and gynecologists.

Education Reform? Or union busting?

Rhee’s cynical tenure-for-pay swap

But the problem is, technocrat Rhee and Mayor Fenty are in league with Ownership Society privatizers bent on replacing public with privately managed (non-union) charter schools and vouchers for Catholic (non-union) schools. That means that the pay provisions of any new contract won’t be worth the paper they’re written on as budgets are slashed and closed neighborhood schools are replaced by charters or vouchers. Any D.C. teacher could then be fired without due process, especially in schools marked by Rhee for closing. As the teaching force moves from public to charter or Catholic schools, teachers are subject to the pay scales, work rules, and whims of the private management companies and parents and communities can like it or lump it. This is especially true as charter caps are lifted and charters handed out freely to the Archdiocese.

The Catholic Church should be ashamed of itself.

Opus Dei

The Catholic Right, Part Two: An Introduction To The Role Of Opus Dei

DC bails out the Catholic Church?

Rhee bails out Archdiocese

The trick, perfected by Rhee’s mentor, Paul Vallas, is to turn inner-city parochial schools, abandoned by white flight, into charters. That way, the Archdiocese can continue operate them on the public dole, primarily with uncertified and underpaid, non-union teachers, teaching the church’s prescribed curriculum. After all, isn’t that what an Ownership Society is all about?

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