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The Canadian border

It is true that none of the 9/11 terrorists traveled through Canada. They all traveled from their native countries by normal means and they all had proper visas.


The millennial terrorists did come through Canada. They were caught at the border by an alert customs agent who searched their car when they acted suspiciously. This suggest that professional law enforcement, not ever more repressive tactics, offers our best hope for protection.

I don’t know why Obama is continuing Bush’s war on tourism, but I cannot dismiss the thought that he is concerned about deserting soldiers making a run for the northern border or Americans traveling to Canada for medical care.


Dr Jacques Chaoulli

Behold the champion of privatization.

The Canadian Health Care System

hipparchia has some excellent blogging explaining it.

Canadian single payer system

A Canadian explains their healthcare system.
Myth busting universal healthcare

a single-payer system modeled on Medicare makes a lot more sense than what we have.