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Agent Orange victim in Upshur County WV

How West Virginia sees the United States

How West Virginia See the US

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FISA roundup

Maryland is disappointed with Mikulski. West Virginia agrees with Digby. (The Rockefellers have always been a bit of a loss.) Missouri wants McCaskill to show a little leadership. Sinfonian says that Bill Nelson hates the Constitution.

More questions for Senator Rockefeller

Senator Rockefeller, your conscience is calling

For months, several of us here at West Virginia Blue have called for Senator Jay Rockefeller to use his position as Senate Intelligence chairman to call for hearings on torture and rendition. Considering he voted for the Torture Act of 2006, aka the Military Commissions Act, it’s the least he should do. There’s no better way for him to demonstrate that he really opposes torture than to actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT instead of hiding behind “confidentiality rules.”

West Virginia bloggers have a question for their senator

Senator Rockefeller at Center of Torture Storm

Virtually every major blog I have read on the Post article expresses outrage and disappointment in our party leaders that acquiesed to the thought of torture. There are a few that have excused the acceptance of torture in light of the proximity to September 11th. It is not acceptable… Senator Rockefeller needs to stand up and say he was wrong in tolerating torture maybe then he at least can in some measure stand up to the horrible wrong doings of the Bush administration. I for one look forward to his answers on this topic.

Senator Rockefeller does not have to worry about reelection, however, we do deserve an explanation as to why he again has disappointed so many of us by his behavior.

The pathetic and worthless Jay Rockefeller

Rockefeller: Actually, I Just Found Out About the Destroyed Torture-Tapes Yesterday

The conspiracy of silence

Time for Harman and Rockefeller to start talking.