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Mark Warner is an empty suit

Read about Mark Warner’s truly pathetic performance at Brennan’s confirmation hearing.

Colin Powell and our national day of shame

Colin Powell

Speech to the UN part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

part 8


A documentary and informational website about the controversial role of health care professionals in national security intelligence.

Doctors have contributed to the torture and abuse of detainees through their collaboration with interrogators at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and CIA black sites. Doctors and Detainees, currently in production, will tell the inside story of this scandal and how “interrogation doctors” are at the forefront of disturbing new roles for psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians in national security intelligence.

The use of the airwaves to advocate a war crime is itself a war crime

NPR Check

I have to hand it to NPR’s ombudsman, Alicia Shepard, when she posts on her blog, she really knows how to put ugly out there. This was manifest in her June21, 2009 defense of not calling torture torture and her similarly enhanced defense of the same on June 30, 2009. If you’ve not read Glenn Greenwald’s critique of Shepard on this matter, it is well worth the read.

Maybe if everytime someone advocated war crimes over the air waves we filed a formal complaint with the FCC it would have an impact.

Larry Johnson’s most recent rant

One of the saddest parts of the 2008 primary was the online melt down of Larry Johnson. Today he has a curious rant about Obama’s visit to CIA HQ.

He brings up the old canard that spooks don’t trust Obama. Oh really? Because Obama got 61% of the vote in Fairfax County, home of the CIA. It is difficult to believe that Obama could have gotten those kinds of numbers if all of the spook vote were against him. I would point out that Obama won by even higher margins in Falls Church, Arlington and Alexandria. You simply can’t win those jurisdictions by a landslide if the entire security community is against you. There are too many military, FBI, and CIA people who live in Northern Virginia to win by a landslide without their support.

Many CIA Case officers broke their allegiance to the Constitution by torturing people, and given that they did so on behalf of a president who betrayed the identities of a case officer and an agent. Shame on them and shame on Obama for his willingness to play Cardinal Law to their Father Shanley.

I am glad that Obama went to the CIA. There are many hard working people there trying to protect our country and it is proper that their President come and thank them in person.

On the other hand, it is much more to the purpose what citizens think of the CIA than what the CIA thinks of our President.


Question of the Week: What Should NATO’s Future Hold?

War corporatism

Support a Truth & Reconciliation Commission

Senator Patrick Leahy

I have proposed the idea of a truth and reconciliation commission to investigate abuses during the Bush-Cheney Administration — so they never happen again.  These abuses may include the use of torture, warrantless wiretapping, extraordinary rendition, and executive override of laws.

Please sign this online petition, urging Congress to consider establishing a truth and reconciliation commission to investigate the Bush-Cheney Administration’s abuses.

Torturers still in power


Elena Kagan, Dean of Harvard Law School and nominee for Solicitor General, announced that she believes that the government has the authority to detain indefinitely terrorism suspects because the country is “at war” with Al Qaeda.

This is why we need war crimes trials, to show moral bankrupts like Elena Kagan that torture is wrong.

Obama kool aide

It is just sad when someone will excuse anything, up to and including torture. Sad. Just plain sad.