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Mark Warner is an empty suit

Read about Mark Warner’s truly pathetic performance at Brennan’s confirmation hearing.

Mark Warner D-Empty Suit

Warner is advocating that we default on the debt owned to future retirees. He is such a one termer.

Obama’s reelection campaign


The advisers contend that the country is far too closely divided to imagine a re-election scenario like 1996, when Bob Dole never came within striking distance of President Bill Clinton.

In 1996 the unemployment rate was 5.4%. Obama’s problem is not that the country is divided. Obama’s problem is that his economic policies stink outloud. In January 2009 unemployment was at 7.6%. Incredibly it has continued to rise under Obama, going as high as 10.1% and only recently coming down to 8.8%, still higher than when he took office. There seems to be this bizarre notion that the fate of ordinary Americans will have no consequences to America’s elites, both political and economic.

Back to Politico:

The biggest concerns include independent voters, who are fickle by definition, and Midwestern, blue-collar white men, who were the last demographic group to go along with Obama in 2008.

Well maybe Obama should get himself to the solidarity rallies in Wisconsin and Ohio, you know, where working class white men are currently hanging out?

Democratic officials are intently focused on three states that Obama won last time – Virginia, Colorado and Nevada – that provide different paths to victory as an alternative to the traditional dependence on Ohio and Florida. But they are also trying to replicate the bold map strategy of 2008 by eyeing Texas, Arizona and Georgia – three states he lost last time – as potential targets. Changing demographics in the three states have yielded hundreds of thousands of currently unregistered Hispanic voters who could be receptive to Obama.

This is just delusional. Obama wrote off Northern Virginia when he froze the pay of federal workers. Nor are the women of Northern Virginia happy with Obama’s anti-abortion policies, which will be a problem for Kaine since he is anti-stem cell research and probably anti-abortion. These were not issues when he ran for Governor, but they will be issues when he runs for Senate. Bobby Scott might be a stronger candidate in Northern Virginia. Doug Wilder won Northern Virginia in 1989 because he was pro-choice. The problem with Obama’s people is that none of them have any respect for women and therefore do not appreciate the seriousness of these issues.

Why does Obama think that Hispanics will vote for him? Under Obama deportations have increased. Combined with continuing high rates of unemployment, Hispanics have no reason to vote for Obama.

Obama may very well win reelection, but only because we have a deeply dysfunctional political culture.

The Virginia Senate race of 2012

#1, I live in DC, not Virginia

#2, I am not well informed about Virginia politics

Having said that, I think that this fellow is far too optimistic about the chances of winning in Virginia in 2012.

It is most unlikely that Obama can carry Virginia a second time. On January 20, 2009 unemployment was 6.1%, it is now 10%; moreover, by the time the House Republicans have succeeded in bullying the Dems into additional spending cuts, the economy will tank and the unemployment will be worse (which was the Republican strategy all along).

Obama is unpopular now and his action freezing federal pay will not win him any friends in Virginia. Obama will be a huge drag upon the rest of the ticket. Virginia Democrats will be hard pressed to defend their incumbents, nevermind hold an open seat.

George Allen’s blunder is now 6 years ago, so much water has passed under the bridge that most voters will not care very much. It is important to remember that in spite of his blunder Allan almost won reelection 6 years ago.

Having said all that, I suspect that Bobby Scott would be the strongest candidate Democrats could field. Scott has a wonderful easy going Virginia gentleman demeanor that is worth thousands of votes by itself. Tim Kaine by contrast has a truly weak persona that has made him such a disaster as DNC chair. Moreoever, he is a Catholic. This used to be a non-issue, but given Kaine’s opposition to stem cell research, there are legitimate questions about his willingness to put the constitution before his bishop. Also I think that Democratic women are passed tired of voting for anti-choice Democrats.

But what do I know, I don’t live in Virginia.

Mark Warner’s shame

Trying to steal people’s retirement.

The US has a fiat currency, there is no deficit crisis.

Attention Mark Warner, if you actually can prove there is a deficit crisis, you can win $100 million for the US treasury. Guess what, you won’t even try, because you know that deficit hysteria is a hoax. You are such a one termer.

Edit – on the other hand, maybe voters in Virginia like politicians who steal their Social Security.

Senator Jim Webb

All race baiting all the time.

edit –
Sen. Webb’s diversity diversion

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More hate from Virginia

Prince William News Messenger

Corey Stewart, not content to let the spotlight shine only on leaders in another state, is now pushing a law in Virginia similar to illegal immigration legislation in Arizona.

Virginia’s version would, among other things, “Make it a violation of Virginia law to fail to complete alien registration documents,” according to Stewart’s website: Police officers would be required to check “in any lawful contact, the legal presence of an individual, when practicable.” Go to Stewart’s website to see all aspects of the proposed law.

What Stewart wants is a world where everyone who speaks with a foreign accent, especially a Spanish accent, has to always carry their birth certificate and always walk in fear. That is his goal plain and simple.

The anti-immigrant hate campaign has already exasperated the real estate crash in Prince William. Why would a foreign born person buy property in Prince William when neighboring Fairfax County has an explicitly welcoming policy towards immigrants? And why would anyone with foreign born friends want to live in a place where you would be afraid that if you invited your foreign born friends over for dinner, that they might be subjected to harassment? Of course those sort of people vote Democratic, so why would Stewart want them in the county? His actions may have horrible consequences for residents of Prince William county, but since when did Republicans care about human suffering?

Well done Fairfax County

Federal funds keep Fairfax County homeless programs afloat

Dean Klein, director of the county’s Office to Prevent and End Homelessness, credits new approaches included in Fairfax’s 10-year plan to end homelessness, such as the Housing Opportunities Support Teams, with preventing hundreds of families from entering the shelter system and with helping people return to stable housing sooner. The county Board of Supervisors adopted the 10-year plan in 2007.

HOST provides money to the county’s nonprofit partners so they can help clients who are facing eviction pay back rent, or provide subsidies for people who already are homeless. The program also can help pay utility bills. Nonprofit directors say the largest need has been for rent assistance.

“It allows us to be able to give financial assistance for people who are right on the edge,” Klein said.

Jim Webb, still opposed to civil rights

Is anyone surprised? This guy is the author of Women Can’t Fight. He used to write anti-affirmative action screeds for the American Enterprise Institute. He has spent the whole of his adult life trying to limit opportunities for people who are not white heterosexual men. Why did anyone think that was ever going to change?

Let’s stop pretending that he is anything but what he has always been, a bigot.

Edit – Webb isn’t chicken, he is doing what he wants to do, hold back progress. Why did anyone think that Webb was ever going to lift a finger in defense of civil rights?

Today in deficit phonies

Connolly Votes For PAYGO To Restore Fiscal Discipline

Congressman Gerry Connolly voted for fiscal discipline in Congress today by supporting “pay-as-you-go” legislation – better known as PAYGO – which ensures that all new spending passed by Congress is paid for, instead of adding to the federal deficit.

Oh really? Does that include his vote for HR 4173? The bill with a $4 TRILLION bail out for banksters?

Does it include support for AFRICOM?