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How our country got this way

Culture of Cruelty: How America’s Elite Demonize the Poor

Mark Warner is an empty suit

Read about Mark Warner’s truly pathetic performance at Brennan’s confirmation hearing.

Obama bails out the banksters again

From a comment at Naked Capitalism

As usual, Obama pursues change toward the worst possible outcome. Not only does the settlement insult the victims and reward gang-banksters for their crimes, it also accelerates pending foreclosures, ruins title law, and destroys real estate values. It seems we can rely on Obama to always do exactly the wrong thing.

“Mortgage Settlement Will Plunge Real Estate Values” by Greg Hunter

Mark Warner D-Empty Suit

Warner is advocating that we default on the debt owned to future retirees. He is such a one termer.

C street family

Unsettled Christianity does a great job of tracking the activities of this dangerous religious cult.

Mark Warner’s shame

Trying to steal people’s retirement.

The US has a fiat currency, there is no deficit crisis.

Attention Mark Warner, if you actually can prove there is a deficit crisis, you can win $100 million for the US treasury. Guess what, you won’t even try, because you know that deficit hysteria is a hoax. You are such a one termer.

Edit – on the other hand, maybe voters in Virginia like politicians who steal their Social Security.

Three cheers for David Plouffe

He keeps his TV turned off.

This is the only good thing I know about Plouffe. Now, if we could just convince the rest of Versailles to turn off their TV the country would be much better governed.