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Question for Arlington voters

EXCLUSIVE: Private Eye Calls Rep. Gillmor’s Death a Murder; Shifty Finance Sector Discovery a Likely Motive

The investigator said there has been a cover-up involving top officials in the U.S. government and that Gillmor’s death was ruled an accident before autopsy results were even analyzed.

He added that two medical examiners ruled Gillmor’s death a heart attack early on, which was widely reported in the press. However, they were soon forced to change their ruling to “death by blunt injury” after a colleague threatened to go public will full medical examination results. It is now being speculated in the press that Gillmor tripped and fell down a staircase in his home.

People do die of head injuries, or heart attacks that may have been triggered by head injuries. But if I lived in Arlington, I would have some questions for the Medical Examiner’s office.