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Question for Obama’s online supporters

Or the problem with The Math

Are you going to look back and notice your condoning (or being one) of the blogospheric jerks who shut down honest debate about the candidates when we could have properly vetted them and made them compete for who was the most progressive? Among other things, that cost us the opportunity for Obama supporters and non-Obama supporters to have sustained, constructive, reality-based debates. Instead, with your blessing, the campaign devolved into a cliquish high school beset by truthiness — a tragic waste of what could and should have been a true change year.

Netroots finest hour
????? How do you think we got here?

Schandenfreud watch

Good thing Richard Mellon Scaife hasn’t spent all of his money funding the Heritage Foundation and attacks on the Clintons.

Schadenfreude, Scaife edition

Millions up for grabs in Scaife divorce fight

Unclear how often sealed cases opened by accident

Scaife demands documents from Post-Gazette

Scaife denied request to compel document return by Post-Gazette

Judge rules that paper’s use of divorce documents is not illegal