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Cardinal Wuerl, champion in the war on women

House Passes H.R. 358, the “Let Women Die” Act of 2011

Today the GOP-led House of Representatives, with the blessings and encouragement of the United States Council of Catholic Bishops and extremist religious groups such as the Family Research Council, passed a bill in a vote of 251 to 172 that would, among other things, allow doctors and hospitals to “exercise their conscience” by letting pregnant women facing emergency medical conditions die.

Anyone who would like clarification on this is encouraged to contact Cardinal Wuerl:

Archbishop of Washington:
His Eminence Donald W. Wuerl, 301-853-4500

Be courteous!

Edit –
The Men Behind The War On Women

Does Huntsman have a messiah complex?

The Biblical Implications of Jon Huntsman’s Website

Per this morning’s Playbook, Jon Huntsman’s official campaign website is going to be Right now, it’s just a “Coming Soon” banner, but by the time he announces his candidacy tomorrow it will be bursting with the usual multi-media features (hopefully not too many). Anyone else puzzled by the biblical allusion in that URL? When I read it, I hear “John 20:12.”

Curious about the passage, I looked it up. The King James Bible version: “And seeth two angels in white sitting, the one at the head, and the other at the feet, where the body of Jesus had lain.” (If that’s too taxing for you, here’s the New Living Translation: “She saw two white-robed angels, one sitting at the head and the other at the foot of the place where the body of Jesus had been lying.”) Okay, so it’s the resurrection.

It is obviously a dog whistle to the evangelical vote. This will go right over the heads of the secular set and the idea is that it will appeal to bible thumpers

Urban VI versus Clement VII

That is what our national political discourse reminds me of. The difference between Obama and the Democrats and Boehner and the Republicans is like the difference between Urban VI and Clement VII. The only thing that they care about is who controls the power and who gets the loot. They are totally indifferent to the well being of ordinary Americans.

Huh double huh?

Steven D

In a way I pity Arnold Schwarzenegger. By most standards he is a fairly moderate Republican.

There never was anything moderate about Schwarzenegger. He has a long documented history of violent assaults against women. He participated in a racially motivated gang rape and bragged about it to Oui magazine. He has abused drugs for all of his adult life. Just go to YouTube and search on Schwarzenegger and marijuana and you will find plenty of material.

His film career, such as it was, was a long series of openly fascist plot lines of might makes right. Schwarzenegger is and has always been a professional creep. He was the candidate of disaster capitalism to use the California energy and fiscal crisis to give even more of the state’s money to those who caused the crisis.

I am surprised that Steven D could have written such a thing as he is usually clueful.

Republican projection

How many times does Dave Johnson have to tell us, whatever Republicans accuse us of, that is what they are up to. Clearly Murdoch and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal would like to create a one party United States.

Plane crashes that make you say hmmmmmmm

Coinky Dink

You silly tinfoil hat-wearing people will of course try to make me think there’s a connection between this and this – or possibly even this:

Republicans for Single Payer

Republicans for Single-Payer Universal Healthcare with Informed Choice
Single-Payer is a Conservative Value
Reforming Healthcare in America – Why Bother?
A healthy community has and needs incentives to develop a wholesome infrastructure for residents: conservative republican for single payer

* Promoting employability and productivity
* Local empowerment for safety, security, health and education systems
* Empowering residents to fulfill their potential, enjoy life and contribute to society

Individuals have and need incentives to look after their own personal health as well:

* To become reasonably self-sufficient (healthy, wealthy and wise)
* To fulfill civic responsibilities with shared responsibility
* Contributing to a thriving, learning community

As residents and citizens, we must assume responsibility for our healthcare system.

Robert Gates is a very bad man

Obama, Ask the Kremlin about Gates

Nearly 16 years ago, during the last transition from a President Bush to a Democrat, Moscow made an extraordinary gesture to Washington: The Kremlin supplied a summary of its intelligence information about secret U.S.-Iranian contacts in the 1980s.

If Gates is kept on he will, amongst other things, seek to destroy evidence of fraud and torture. It is also very likely he will seek to sabotage Obama.

Desertion scene from Dr. Zhivago

This is why we have to get out of Iraq without delay. While there has been some reporting of declining enlistment and reenlistment, there has been almost no mention of the rising desertion rates. Our depraved ruling class is oblivious to the disaster they have created.

FREE FOR ALL!: The High-Tech HighJack of Ohio