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The decline and fall of the New York Times


It’s amazing how much we’ve learned over the last four years. We’ve learned about how a large segment of the Democratic Party is sympathetic to neo-conservatism and doesn’t care about our civil liberties or the balance of powers. We’ve learned that the mainstream press is more likely to aid and abet an obstruction of justice than they are to report what they know about White House crimes to the America people. We’ve learned just how much New Democrats and the Democratic Leadership Council hates the left-wing of the Democratic Party. We’ve learned that the Washington Post editorial board is little better than the Wall Street Journal editorial board or FOX News. Now, we learn that even the New York Times editorial board is more inclined to amplify the most discredited people in the country than they are to push new voices that have been proven prescient.

Sulzberger should resign.

A politicized Department of Justice

For every elected Republican the Justice Department has investigated during the George W. Bush years, seven elected Democrats have been investigated, the research says.

Republican hypocrisy and the constitution

The Surveilence State

And all of this spying is being pushed by Republicans who say they don’t trust government. Think about that.

Hypocrisy, Mitt Romney is thy name

Book of Moron

Was Scooter Libby working for Al Qaeda

If you use Hoekstra’s logic he was.

Double standards of the Versailles villagers

Gene Lyons

Take the Valerie Plame affair. What if the Clinton White House had deliberately identified a CIA employee to punish her husband for not going along with an administration line that helped drive the nation to war ? What if Vice President Al Gore’s chief of staff had been convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice ? Would Bill Clinton have survived to commute his sentence before being impeached, convicted and removed from office ? Would Gore have escaped criminal indictment ?

To ask the question is to answer it. Goodness, Washington went berserk over Clinton’s ignominious sex lies. Add a beautiful blonde and the word “treason,” and the Capitol dome would have levitated into the heavens. On “Meet the Press,” Tim Russert would have spontaneously combusted.

The story of the Busheviki

A Cold Rain: Excerpt from Neck Deep