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Blogging the bail out

Compendium of Corrente Wire’s efforts to stop the hold up.

Reagan: Apr├ęs moi, le deluge

source of chart

All our problems go back to Reagan.

It’s OK if you are a Republican


No more treason, no more torture

Condoleezza Rice Must GO


Why do Republicans like killing people so much?

Bush family values

First Lady Laura’s Bloody Fight With Boozing Bush

Wasn’t a Globe photographer editor the first anthrax victim?

Projection, thy name is conservative

Whatever the right wing accuse others of, that is what they intend to do. When the Democrats win in 2008 there will be a right wing riot to prevent us from taking power. What can we do to stop it before it starts? If it starts, how can we protect life, property, and most of all, the ballot?