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The Democratic party in the age of Obama

It’s all about Obama

Obama Camp: Trump Moment Shows “Lack Of Moral Leadership” By Romney

If you are unemployed, do you care about birtherism? If you are being persecuted by bill collectors, do you care about birtherism? How about if you are sick with no way to pay for health care, or worse, have a sick child with no way to pay for health care, does birtherism resonate with you?

If a friend or relative has been deported, do you care about this?

If you are homeless, or have a friend or family member who is homeless, would you care?

Suppose someone close to you was driven to suicide by economic ruin, would you care about this?

What our political elite fail to comprehend is that increasing numbers of us are in a world of hurt and we just cannot be bothered to care. Obama’s most formidable opponent is indifference. Look for historic lows in voter turnout for this election.

Obama bails out the banksters again

From a comment at Naked Capitalism

As usual, Obama pursues change toward the worst possible outcome. Not only does the settlement insult the victims and reward gang-banksters for their crimes, it also accelerates pending foreclosures, ruins title law, and destroys real estate values. It seems we can rely on Obama to always do exactly the wrong thing.

“Mortgage Settlement Will Plunge Real Estate Values” by Greg Hunter

Say goodbye to the Fouth Amendment

The Punk Patriot

Catholic bishops run our country

White House Openly Considers Caving to Bishops on Birth Control Coverage

We need politicians who can explain the concept of separation of separation of Church and State to the Catholic Church.

We also need a president who is not a women hating ogre.

Obama gets the memo

Occupy protester hands President Obama a note

Mr. President: Over 4000 peaceful protesters have been arrested. While bankers continue to destroy the American economy. You must stop the assault on our 1st amendment rights. Your silence sends a message that police brutality is acceptable. Banks got bailed out. We got sold out.

The Obama Scandals List

The Obama Scandals List

Obama online enforcer: exhibit A

Call me Shoq

In my very rare spare time, I hang out with snobby, east coast progressives who wear smart looking black berets, smoke French cigarettes, and speculate about whether Simone de Beauvoir, Oscar Wilde, or Susan Sontag would have voted for David Cook or Sarah Palin as the next American Idol. Like me, most of them would all rather be living in Hollywood, snarfing veggie cocktail weenies with Sean Penn or Susan Sarandon.

When not openly trying to find passionate animal rights activists in short skirts and six inch heels, like all the other liberals, I live to hug trees, burn Bibles, and nominate Michael Moore, Ward Churchill and Jane Fonda to the Supreme Court. Someday, we hope to finally bring Utopian socialism—or at least unsubsidized health care—to Wal-Mart. …

… Shoq’s political enemies are many. But they aren’t always members of the Far Right. They can also be progressives, pseudo-liberals, anarchists, or members of the so-called “Professional Left,” who can often strenuously object to and resent his politics, and his vocal way of proffering his views to a significant following of progressives, personalities, and media outlets.

His twitter feed is every bit as disagreeable as his about section, at least the times I have looked at it. It consists of hurling abuse at Obama’s critics on the left. As if a few obscure bloggers could have any impact upon a President sitting on a 9.6% unemployment rate to say nothing of a soaring foreclosure rate. Seriously, no one can help a President who won’t help himself.

UPDATE: Projection much?

How can Chuck Currie be so clueless?


Pass The American Jobs Acts For A Stronger, More Moral America

How can a UCC minister fall for this wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing??? I mean really, we excel critical thinking, unless it is in the Bible, we do not take it on faith.

I mean the proper hashtag would be #kleptocracyNow.

He and everyone else cheering for this proposed bill needs to read it. Why would ANYONE support raising the eligibility for Medicare? That takes a bad health care system and makes it worse and at the same time more expensive. Currie should be supporting HR 676, after all the UCC has endorsed it.

He also needs to take a close look at the proposed Infrastructure Bank, or should I say kleptocracy bank, which will make it impossible for localities to do anything without paying endless fees and rents to banksters.

While there is some good in this legislation, that good is being dangled before our eyes to distract us from the grievous harm that it would do.

Will Krugman ever tell his readers that the US has a fiat currency?


Well, maybe if you had broken sharply from the conservative frame, millions of Americans would have risen up and said, “No! We do not have to make ‘tough choices’. America cannot go broke. The US government can always AFFORD to make good on its promises to the elderly, disabled, poor, etc. and also pay bondholders. It is the ISSUER of a non-convertible fiat currency, not the USER of a stateless currency like Greece, Italy, etc.” You never explained any of this honestly. You hedged and gave ground, saying things like, “Well, yes, the deficit is going to be a problem in the medium or long run, but we should focus on employment right now.” Don’t you see what a losing argument that is?

It’s like saying, “I know we need to go on a diet, but first we need to go out an buy a bigger pair of pants.”

No wonder progressives are losing! You’re allowing the GOP to frame the debate instead of re-framing it for a progressive audience.

You, Dean Baker, Robert Reich, Larry Mishel, etc. should have spoken honestly about the debt, deficit, Social Security, etc. from the beginning.

Progressives should follow Jamie Galbraith, Warren Mosler, Bill Mitchell, Yeves Smith, and everyone at They are the last progressives standing.