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Murdoch owns the National Geographic channel

911 review

Actually, some people are unaware that the NG Channel is majority controlled (67%) by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.[5] The National Geographic Society, publisher of the well-known magazine, was a minority partner in creation of the NG Channel, but does not have editorial control over what is produced there. Instead, the News Corporation controls the programming much like it controls Fox News.

That explains a lot.

Fox News Blames Black People for Financial Meltdown

The news media, Islamic fanaticism and terrorism

Whiskey Fire has a snarky post about Armed Liberal.

It’s true — the forces arrayed against us are masters of manipulation. The amount of money that Al Qaeda pours into the MSM is staggering; they’ve clearly bought off the entire Washington Post editorial board, which explains why that wise body has consistently endorsed boneheaded policy ideas that have in the final analysis have done at least as much good for anti-American Islamicists as for anyone else, and probably more.

Truthfully Islamic terrorists do own a large chunk of our news media, which may explain why we went after Iraq instead of concentrating our fight against Al Qaeda.

Why does NewsCorp have an FCC license?

Fox Radio Host calls Oprah a Nazi racist for her Obama support