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Colin Powell and our national day of shame

Colin Powell

Speech to the UN part 1

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Porter’s anonymous official source

I suspect we are in Steven Glass territory. I think Porter made that up.
Cannonfire on the Laptop of Death.

Why we went to war in Iraq


To answer Adam’s question, much of our response to terrorism has been based on irrational fear of The Other.

Though there was no justification, our response to terrorism included invading Iraq. We did that because Thomas Friedman thought some brown people needed to suck on this, and because Richard Cohen thought violence would provide him with needed therapy. We should never forget that these people are racist monsters whose personal psychodramas could only be soothed by the indiscriminate killing of people they obviously do not see as human.

Serbia: Journalists investigated for ‘warmongering’

War corporatism

The Kerensky Democrats

Sterling Newberry

However, even the NATO Secretary General recognizes that “Afghanistan is organically linked to Pakistan,” and there must be a comprehensive approach. Next door in Pakistan, this is seen as a prelude to invasion by ISI supporters and ultra-nationalists. Everyone wants to get Afghanistan right, but the consensus inside the beltway is for escalation in Afghanistan, and then to spring board to Iran, not Pakistan.

I would like to dismiss this as irresponsible speculation, but Dennis PNAC Ross is one of Obama’s advisors and Clinton is his secretary of state and it is just possible he drank the PNAC kool aide.

Robert Gates is a very bad man

Obama, Ask the Kremlin about Gates

Nearly 16 years ago, during the last transition from a President Bush to a Democrat, Moscow made an extraordinary gesture to Washington: The Kremlin supplied a summary of its intelligence information about secret U.S.-Iranian contacts in the 1980s.

If Gates is kept on he will, amongst other things, seek to destroy evidence of fraud and torture. It is also very likely he will seek to sabotage Obama.

Obama and the CIA, 2 steps forward, 1 step backward

Signals that Obama will reform the bankrupt culture undermined by his embrace of Tenet cronies

Desertion scene from Dr. Zhivago

This is why we have to get out of Iraq without delay. While there has been some reporting of declining enlistment and reenlistment, there has been almost no mention of the rising desertion rates. Our depraved ruling class is oblivious to the disaster they have created.

People who were right on the Iraq war shouldn’t be Committee Chair

Center-Right Nation” Watch – Feingold’s War Opposition Should Disqualify Him From a Chairmanship

What Foreign Policy Objective Should the Incoming Administration Make a Priority?