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General Richard Secord

The Iranian Hostage Rescue Mission, and the 1980 Presidential Election

8 helicopters, 6 C-130 transport planes, and 93 Delta force commandoes secretly invaded Iran. They were to rendezvous at a place in Iran they called Desert One, move out to another point called Desert Two, and then go on to Tehran to rescue the hostages. But Delta force never made it to Desert Two or Tehran. The mission was aborted after three of the eight helicopters failed, on the way to Desert One. The operation was a miserable failure, resulting in an accident that caused the loss of 8 American lives. Later investigation revealed a surprising level of negligence. [4] [7] [13]

Just before the rescue mission took place, several other countries had finally agreed to level economic sanctions on Iran. Some of them agreed to the sanctions because they thought that if they did, the U.S. would not take any military action. They were quite irate when they heard about the rescue mission after the fact.

At least three central figures in the Iran-Contra Scandal were involved with the Iranian hostage rescue mission: Secord, Hakim, an North.

General Richard Secord helped to organize the abortive rescue mission. After the first mission failed, he was the head of the planning group that eventually decided against another rescue attempt.

Investigating Khobar Towers

How a Saudi Deception Protected bin Laden

The Canadian border

It is true that none of the 9/11 terrorists traveled through Canada. They all traveled from their native countries by normal means and they all had proper visas.


The millennial terrorists did come through Canada. They were caught at the border by an alert customs agent who searched their car when they acted suspiciously. This suggest that professional law enforcement, not ever more repressive tactics, offers our best hope for protection.

I don’t know why Obama is continuing Bush’s war on tourism, but I cannot dismiss the thought that he is concerned about deserting soldiers making a run for the northern border or Americans traveling to Canada for medical care.


Larry Johnson’s most recent rant

One of the saddest parts of the 2008 primary was the online melt down of Larry Johnson. Today he has a curious rant about Obama’s visit to CIA HQ.

He brings up the old canard that spooks don’t trust Obama. Oh really? Because Obama got 61% of the vote in Fairfax County, home of the CIA. It is difficult to believe that Obama could have gotten those kinds of numbers if all of the spook vote were against him. I would point out that Obama won by even higher margins in Falls Church, Arlington and Alexandria. You simply can’t win those jurisdictions by a landslide if the entire security community is against you. There are too many military, FBI, and CIA people who live in Northern Virginia to win by a landslide without their support.

Many CIA Case officers broke their allegiance to the Constitution by torturing people, and given that they did so on behalf of a president who betrayed the identities of a case officer and an agent. Shame on them and shame on Obama for his willingness to play Cardinal Law to their Father Shanley.

I am glad that Obama went to the CIA. There are many hard working people there trying to protect our country and it is proper that their President come and thank them in person.

On the other hand, it is much more to the purpose what citizens think of the CIA than what the CIA thinks of our President.

The Kerensky Democrats

Sterling Newberry

However, even the NATO Secretary General recognizes that “Afghanistan is organically linked to Pakistan,” and there must be a comprehensive approach. Next door in Pakistan, this is seen as a prelude to invasion by ISI supporters and ultra-nationalists. Everyone wants to get Afghanistan right, but the consensus inside the beltway is for escalation in Afghanistan, and then to spring board to Iran, not Pakistan.

I would like to dismiss this as irresponsible speculation, but Dennis PNAC Ross is one of Obama’s advisors and Clinton is his secretary of state and it is just possible he drank the PNAC kool aide.

Selling anti-terrorism short

What did the Benazir Bhutto assassination and the latest Israeli attacks in Gaza have in common?

There was a strong move higher on gold immediately preceding both incidents, which were spaced one year apart, to the day.

How to overturn an election

Great White Junta

One might think the book is closed on the matter of U.S. occupation of Iraq, but no. Admiral Mullen says it’s “theoretically possible” to change the agreement. “Three years is a long time,” he says, and we will “continue to have discussions with them [the Iraqis] over time as conditions continue to evolve.” In July, Mullen said that a deadline for a U.S. withdrawal would be “dangerous.” Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who has been asked to hang around for a year or so into the Obama regime, objected to the 16 month plan during the presidential campaign, and incoming National Security Adviser James L. Jones, a retired Marine four-star, said in 2007 that a deadline for our withdrawal from Iraq would be “against our national interest.”

What do they call it again, when a country is run by its military?