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Pussy Riot gig at Christ the Savior Cathedral (original video)

Pussy Riot gig at Christ the Savior Cathedral (original video)

Pussy Riot’s gig at Christ the Saviour took place on 21 February. Five members broke into the Moscow cathedral, performing a “punk prayer” from the altar. Their song “Holy Shit” is a condemnation of the Russian Orthodox church’s close ties to Putin. “Holy Mother, Blessed Virgin,” they sang, “chase Putin out!” Three of them have been arrested for hooliganism and they could face up to seven years in jail.

Paul Thorne’s unfunny song

Picked this up from Mark Steel‘s Twitter feed:

Rebekah Brooks Song

It was delightfully funny right up to the joke about prison rape. I don’t like rape jokes in general and prison rape jokes in particular.

And there is nothing less funny that a man joking about the sexual humiliation of a women. It just is not funny.

Happy Easter

4th mov’t to “Reformation” Symphony

My favorite psalms, hymns and Bible books

The 100th Psalm is my all time favorite, although the 121st is a close second.

My all time favorite hymn is We Gather Together (old lyrics, not New Century Hymnal).

I also like A Mighty Fortress is Our God (old lyrics, not New Century Hymnal).

Other hymns I like are Holy Holy Holy (I also like the Schubert Holy Holy Holy), Blessed be the Tie that Binds, There is a Balm in Gilead.

The Book of James is my favorite book in the Bible, but I also like Matthew, esp. the Sermon on the Mount, Exodus, Esther, Amos, and Micah.

The Magnificat is my favorite Bach choral music, but I also like the Christmas Cantata and the Christmas Oratorio and the Easter Oratorio.

My favorite Choruses from the Messiah are Behold the Lamb of God and Worthy is the Lamb. Other Handle Choral music I like are See the Conquering Hero and the Entrance of the Queen of Sheba.

Finale to Mendelssohn’s Reformation Symphony

Green Day – American Idiot

Fours years from now no one will understand why this song was relevant.

99 red ballons – Nena

If you are too young to remember Reagan and the very real fear that he was going to launch a nuclear war just because he could, the song may not make sense.

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

SouthEast Anthem

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