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Colin Powell Endorses Obama

The Bagman Cometh: Obama Embraces War Criminal’s Endorsement

Versailles wins a round.

John McCain’s free ride with the media

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Trick or treat

McCain equates Purim with Holloween.

Bush family values

First Lady Laura’s Bloody Fight With Boozing Bush

Wasn’t a Globe photographer editor the first anthrax victim?

Projection, thy name is conservative

Whatever the right wing accuse others of, that is what they intend to do. When the Democrats win in 2008 there will be a right wing riot to prevent us from taking power. What can we do to stop it before it starts? If it starts, how can we protect life, property, and most of all, the ballot?

The decline and fall of the New York Times


It’s amazing how much we’ve learned over the last four years. We’ve learned about how a large segment of the Democratic Party is sympathetic to neo-conservatism and doesn’t care about our civil liberties or the balance of powers. We’ve learned that the mainstream press is more likely to aid and abet an obstruction of justice than they are to report what they know about White House crimes to the America people. We’ve learned just how much New Democrats and the Democratic Leadership Council hates the left-wing of the Democratic Party. We’ve learned that the Washington Post editorial board is little better than the Wall Street Journal editorial board or FOX News. Now, we learn that even the New York Times editorial board is more inclined to amplify the most discredited people in the country than they are to push new voices that have been proven prescient.

Sulzberger should resign.

The story of the Busheviki

A Cold Rain: Excerpt from Neck Deep