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Chiildren of Deported Parents

To keep them out or us in?


It’s also sickening considering that the prsident announced this week that he will spend 500 million on unnecessary “border security” to try to appease a bunch of nativist asses who are unappeasable.

To appease a bunch of natavist, or do what he wanted to do anyway? Has this President ever passed up an opportunity to curtail freedom under the pretense of security?

Notice how moving across borders is getting harder and harder?

Drop Dobbs

Tell Advertisers: Drop Dobbs

Dobbs has used his program to incite violence against the foreign born, especially Hispanics. He needs to go.

A Continuing Talk on Race

Sunday, October 5 in DC @ 14th & V

4PM – A.C.T.O.R. A Continuing Talk on Race. Join us for an open discussion on Finding Common Ground: Building Solidarity Between African American And Immigrant Communities. Speakers will include: Gerald Lenoir, Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration; Gustavo Torres, Executive Director of CASA de Maryland; and Linda Leeks, Director of Empower DC. For more information, email

Ron Paul is against the war in Iraq and he wants FREEDOM!

So that must make his racism okay.

Well why not? It worked for the other guy. This is the voice of progressive netroots.