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Write Gore in

Zogby: Gore Leads ‘Top-Tier’ Democratic Candidates by Huge Margin in New ‘Blind Bio’ Poll

Al Gore and global warming

Oddly enough, Al Gore is not the anti-christ

The crux of the matter is that the climate is changing, and is doing so rapidly, meaning that the changes are occurring not at the usual geological pace over thousands or millions of years, but rather on the time scale of a human lifetime.

Speaking only for myself, I plan to write in Al Gore in the all powerful DC primary. A solid write in effort could change Gore’s mind.

Do you live in New York?

NY Draft Al Gore Petition Drive Begins Tomorrow!

Response to W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

CAN we nominate Al Gore as a write in candidate, and if so, HOW?

In a primary state you can write him in. This is a little tricky on some of the new voting machines, so go to your electoral board’s website and familiarize yourself with procedures ahead of time and do your best to educate your pro-Gore friends.

In a caucus state you simply show up and sit with the Gore supporters. If there are not enough Gore supporters to meet the 15% threshold, you have the choice to caucus with another candidate.

Current TV, like PBS only good

alternative hippopotamus

Unlike YouTube, I could watch it, and not be turned off. Was it edgy at the beginning? Yes, in the sense that the content came from their viewers, but no, they avoided controversial political topics. That was 2 years ago, though, which is like dog years in internet time. Or the time between Red Sox world series victories to a Red Sox fan.

Eventually, I started to watch the Current TV cable broadcast. At first it was to waste time between doing other things. Then the Joe Hanson shorts really caught on with me. I started to look forward to the next time he’d bring up obscure literary allusions to red necks. The coverage overseas was very good. I never thought about fashion in Hong Kong before, but it made me realize more than ever before that DC doesn’t actually have fashion in the conventional sense of that word. And, Laura Ling’s coverage of the situation vis a vis Turkey and Iraq has been very informative. If Judy Woodruff ever watches Laura Ling’s mega pods, I’m concerned that she may retire. Okay, that wasn’t a concern so much as a sincere wish.

Tonight was the first time I realized that given a choice between PBS and Current TV, I go with the latter. With the notable exception of Bill Moyers and Frontline. And make no mistake, Moyers and Frontline are the crown jewels in non-fiction television right now. But, they’re not 24 hours a day.

It would be funny if the man who was done in by the press became the next news mogul.

Gore lauds Chicago; his fans push for ’08 run

Gore: City sets standard for U.S.

Less than a week after winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his crusade against global warming, former Vice President Al Gore lauded Chicago Wednesday as a leader in the fight for the environment. …

…During his speech, a half-dozen members of Draft Gore Chicago stood outside the hotel holding signs. Each held different letters and numbers, spelling out “GORE 08.”

John Burros said he thought Gore, who already has said he will not run for president in 2008, might need a little encouragement.

Support Al Gore

Write him in on the DFA pulse poll.