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Al Gore on the Assault on Reason

President Gore

What might have been.

Time for Gore to walk the walk

Gore Calls for Civil Disobedience at Clinton Global Initiative.

At today’s Clinton Global Initiative, Al Gore said for the first time in public that we are at a point in our world’s history, and in need of such immediate action, that if you are a young person it’s time for civil disobedience.

Why is this a young person’s responsibility? The leaders of the Free South Africa movement were middle aged. What’s Gore’s problem? If he thinks the situation calls for civil disobedience, then he needs to lead the demonstrations. I am sure it would be big news and that he would not be short of followers.

Put up or shut up.

Al Gore, TV star

Al Gore Cameos on “30 Rock”

Write him in. If Gore is not on the ballot, write him in.

Gore, TODAY spread green message

Nobel Prize winner says global warming finally getting serious attention

Draft Gore TV Ad On the Air

The ad is called Imagine and uses clips from previous Gore speeches.

Draft Gore movement in NH

Washington DC: Movement to draft Al Gore for presidency to air television ads

Jim Kuhnhenn of The Associated Press reports, “A national group seeking to draft Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore as a Democratic presidential candidate will begin airing a television ad on CNN and in New Hampshire promoting a petition drive to encourage the former vice president to run.”

Wasn’t the filing deadline Friday? Did they make it?
If Gore wins the NH primary as a draft candidate, the whole debate will be transformed.