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The fight for a living wage in DC

Kelsey Reid

Ramirez, 55, has been cleaning Union Station for more than 21 years and makes $8.75 an hour with no benefits. She said she struggles to pay for housing and worries about ever being able to retire. She recently went on strike with Good Jobs Nation, an advocacy grouping calling for an increase in the wages of federally-contracted workers.

“I’m calling on President Obama to be a good landlord,” she said, in a reference to the President’s executive authority over the wages of federally contracted workers. She demanded that the president reform wage regulations for federally-contracted workers like herself.

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John Edwards for President

Edwards in Nevada

John Edwards in Reno and Elko Today, Las Vegas Tomorrow

John Edwards for President

Obama channels Ronald Reagan and throws Bill Clinton under the bus

Via the indispensable CorrenteWire we discover that Obama has been talking to some very bad people.

The Nevada debate

A great night for Nevada Democrats …and for John Edwards

Whats important to keep in mind, for those who have not been following the race in this state, is that Edwards is a brand new message for many NV voters. For that reason, every time he made his case for change, every time he made his case for taking on corporate interests, every time he highlighted a specific proposal or position, he was telling NV voters something new.

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Nevada Town Hall Meetings

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Senator John Edwards on Poverty

Facing South

Facing South has provided extensive coverage of the Katrina disaster and how it exposed the face of poverty in America. More recently, a study of children’s wellbeing revealed much room for improvement in the South, and the common denominator was poverty.

Former North Carolina Senator, Presidential primary candidate, and Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards underscored the issue of poverty with his “two Americas” theme during the 2004 presidential elections. Since then, he has been a champion in the fight against poverty through his work as the Director of the Center on Poverty, Work, and Opportunity at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and his One America Committee.