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If I had a senator

I would tell them to support Senator Dodd’s fight against FISA abuse. Via

We need to find a way to get this past the political blogs. Senators won’t respond if it is the same collection of activists contacting them again and again.

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The FISA Trial Balloon Goes Pop? What’s next …
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US Senate Roll call: Number: S. 2248 (FISA Amendments Act of 2007 )
A vote for Cloture is effectively a vote to continue FISA abuse, Senators who voted against clouture defended the constitution, those voting for cloture were voting against the constitution.

Thank you Chris Dodd


Senator Chris Dodd’s Presidential campaign died with a whimper in Iowa. But he still seems to be dictating national security policy to fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill, and unless the Bush Administration is willing to fight, perhaps to the next President too.

We’re told that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is saying privately he now won’t attempt to update the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) on the wiretapping of al Qaeda suspects. Instead, he’ll merely support another 18-month extension of the six-month-old Protect America Act. Among other problems, the temporary bill includes no retroactive immunity for the telecom companies that cooperated with the feds after 9/11.

Clearly the deluge of email and telephone call paid off. Reid understands that Americans won’t stand to further assaults on the fourth amendment. It is had to dismiss the thought that Reid was also worried by all that talk of Dodd running for majority leader.

Dodd for majority leader

The Sideshow

I actually believe that Dodd was never seriously running for president but was using the race as a way to highlight his positions, the reverse of the way he’s been painted as “grandstanding” on FISA for the sake of his presidential campaign. (I’m pretty sure Dodd knew he wasn’t going to be on the ticket all along.) I think this is about the Senate, and it’s not too early to let your Senators know how much you love Dodd’s efforts to recover the Constitution and really protect America.

Nevada’s just mild about Harry

Hey Harry Reid, perhaps you could learn something from Dodd.

Washington Post Corporation and the FISA debate


But the Post article also does not delve into the fact that Chris Dodd’s filibuster threatened to shine a bright light on how craven the other Democratic presidential hopefuls looked when they chose to stay in Iowa and promote themselves rather than come back to Washington DC and defend the constitution. No doubt the telecoms, the Bush administration and their Democratic allies will have plenty of time to regroup and the fight will resume in January at a much more fevered pitch, but the delay may also pull the Senate presidential hopefuls back into the debate — who have thus far given lukewarm pledges of support to Dodd.

And Glenn Greenwald brings up another aspect of the battle that the Post seems blissfully unaware of, and that is about how the whole notion of one man taking a stand on this issue came to pass. I first asked Dodd in early October on Air America if he would commit to filibuster retroactive telecom immunity, and he said at the time “Well, may have to do that….Hope it doesn’t come to that.”

The Washington Post Corporation owns cable properties in Appalachia. (Who knows, perhaps they are Christy’s ISP.) Comcast gets $1,000 per wiretap. No reason to suppose the Washington Post Corporation charges less. The same goes for TimeWarner, which owns AOL. Busheviki abuse of power has been very profitable for internet service providers.

On the other hand, accountability would be expensive, ruinously so. If everyone who had their rights violated could sue these companies, the damages might sink entire corporations. Maybe that would be a good thing. Maybe plotting against the constitution should be a capital offense. In any case, the legal discovery process would bring all the skeletons out of the closet. People would understand that it is not just telecom companies, but also news conglomerates that have been plotting against them.

That is why Dodd is going to get negative press for the rest of his life and why lefty blogosphere must defend him.

Congratulations Senator Dodd!

Constitution Protected…For Now

Majority Leader Harry Reid has just pulled the FISA bill from consideration in this session. It will be brought up at some point next month.

Without Senator Dodd’s leadership today, it is safe to assume that retroactive immunity would have passed.

This is just a temporary reprieve for the Fourth Amendment, but it is an important victory. We need to step up the pressure and get new people involved.

Senator Dodd has given us an opportunity to defend our constitution, it is up to us to take it.

And oh yeah, Clinton and Obama showed exactly zero leadership.

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Dodd Stands Up for the Constitution on FISA
Chris Dodd Leaves Iowa to Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

Dodd in the Senate protecting the 4th amendment

Sen. Dodd Filibustering Now

It’s a shame that Harry Reid brought this version to a vote (only after being pressured did he also bring up the Judiciary Committee’s version without immunity).

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Reid, Ensign, Senate cave on Telecom Immunity
maybe Nevada Dems could replace Reid with Jack Carter or someone else

Dodd fights FISA abuse

The People-Powered Dodd Filibuster

Thank you Chris Dodd

Reid betrays us on FISA

Dodd Still Fighting

Exactly, and that’s why Senators Biden, Clinton and Obama, as well as all other Democratic Senators, should join Sen. Dodd in his effort to stop retroactive immunity and the FISA bill as it is. This is a worthy and important fight.

Also, if you live in Nevada call Senator Reid’s office and ask them what the heck he’s doing here.

As this is a Nevada blog their readers presumably have influence with Reid.

Chris Dodd on FISA

Support the Fillibuster

Today, that FISA fight we’ve all been waiting for begins.

In a few hours, Majority Leader Harry Reid will ask for something called a “motion to proceed” on FISA, effectively disregarding Chris Dodd’s “hold” on the bill.

Remember when this all started playing out? A lot of people rushed to send out strongly worded press releases about how committed they were to “supporting a filibuster.”

Call or email the Senators that pledged to support a filibuster and ask them to be there when it happens to pick up the ball after Chris Dodd can go no longer.

Leadership is demonstrated through action.
Joe Biden

San Francisco: “Will you join Sen. Chris Dodd’s hold and proposed filibuster on any FISA bill that includes retroactive immunity for telecoms?”

Sen. Joe Biden: “Yes.”

-Washington Post web chat
Barack Obama

“To be clear: Barack will support a filibuster of any bill that includes retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies.”

-TPM Election Central
Hillary Clinton

“I am troubled by the concerns that have been raised by the recent legislation reported out of the Intelligence Committee…As matters stand now, I could not support it and I would support a filibuster absent additional information coming forward that would convince me differently.”

-TPM Election Central