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Eugene Puryear’s testimony on Housing

Eugene Puryear Testimony on Public Housing Budget April 30, 2014
Eugene Puryear‘s oral testimony on April 30, 2014 before the D.C. Council, Committee on Economic Development, fiscal year 2015 budget hearing on public housing.

RENEE Bowser

Ward 4 Politicos Eye Possible Council Vacancy

Renee Bowser, the advisory neighborhood commissioner for 4D02, said that she may jump in the race.

“I am definitely taking a hard look at it,” said Bowser, 65. “I came in second to Muriel in 2012 and I was well ahead of the other competitors. I am really concerned about the education of the ward’s children, people being forced to leave the ward because they cannot afford to live here and we need more jobs in the ward.”

Renee Bowser is a labor attorney and has served on the D.C. Commission on Human Rights. She said that she will make her decision on whether to run for Muriel Bowser’s seat in the near future.

Her 2012 website, Renee4Ward4
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Eugene Puryear, DC Statehood Green Party candidate for DC Council At-Large

Eugene Puryear for D.C. Council At-large

Perry Redd for DC Council April 23

YouTube: Perry Redd for City Council

Tim Craig

I agree, there is a war on cars, and I don’t understand why a city with a progressive nature wouldn’t come with a more balanced approach,” said Perry Redd, 48, the Statehood Green Party candidate.

Perry Redd for DC Council at Large

Perry Redd has a clear vision for the city of Washington, DC. There will be no doubt about where he stands on the issues important to the residents of the city. Fairness and quality of life issues are paramount in this special election campaign.

Perry Redd for Council on Twitter.

Washington Post “disappears” the DC Statehood Green Party

The Washington Post “disappears” the DC Statehood Green Party in its 2012 Voters Guide listing of candidates
WASHINGTON, DC — DC Statehood Green Party leaders and candidates are asking The Washington Post why the newspaper chose to omit party affiliation in its 2012 ‘Voters Guide’ listing of DC Statehood Green candidates.

The Post’s annual Voters Guide was published on Thursday, November 1 in the paper’s Local Living section (District edition, page 18). Candidates for public office are listed with information about their campaigns, along with an indication of party affiliation.

The party affiliations of Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian candidates (abbreviated D, R, and L) follow their names in the headline for each candidate. Statehood Green candidates are included in the Voters Guide, but no party is given for them. (Below is a list of Statehood Green candidates and their web sites or contact information.)

The DC Statehood Green Party has major party status and ballot access in Washington, DC. In recent elections, Statehood Green candidates have collectively received more votes than Republican candidates, leading some to call Statehood Greens “DC’s Second Party” in terms of election day numbers.

Calls to the Post have not been returned, as of 6 p.m. Friday, November 2. …

DC Statehood Green candidates in the 2012 election:

Natale “Lino” Stracuzzi, for DC Delegate to US House!/groups/stracuzziforcongress

David Schwartzman, for the ‘DC Statehood’ seat in the US Senate

G. Lee Aikin, for the ‘DC Statehood’ seat in the US House of Representatives

Ann Wilcox, for DC Council At-Large

Jill Stein for President, Cheri Honkala for Vice President


DC Statehood Green Party

Natale Lino Stracuzzi

UPDATE: Thinking it over I was a little harsh on Starcuzzi. If you have never run for office, you have no idea how hard it is, especially as a candidate for an emergent party where you don’t have anything like the infrastructure of an established party.

Natale Lino Stracuzzi is the DC Statehood/Green Party candidate for Congress. He sounds more like a libertarian than a Green. And in his issues he did not mention DC Statehood. The only job of DC’s non-voting Delegate is to get DC voting status, that is really it. He didn’t even mention it.

The local Green Party needs to do a better job on candidate recruitment. Even if you can’t recruit winners, you can at last avoid embarrassment.

Ann C. Wilcox for at large City Council

Ann Wilcox is this year’s DC Statehood Green candidate for At Large City Council.

Washington Post write up

Defeat Poverty DC has a PDF document with her answers to their questionnaire.

Ann Wilcox
on Twitter.