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Escrow, the new subsidy for banksters

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FY2014 Budget Includes Changes to Homeless Law

Individuals and families staying in some District shelters will be required to start placing money in an escrow account under a new city plan intended to move homeless people toward self-sufficiency.

I don’t believe that this is about moving homeless families to self sufficiency. I think this is about bumping up the deposits at the bank DC patronizes.

Given the continuing recession, deposits must be way down. What better way to bump them up than buy dipping into the public purse. It seems that the $400 million surplus is not enough to keep banksters happy, so they are dipping into the pockets of homeless families.

How our country got this way

Culture of Cruelty: How America’s Elite Demonize the Poor

Kleptocracy body count

Via Naked Capitalism, Greenspan Body Count.

Obama bails out the banksters again

From a comment at Naked Capitalism

As usual, Obama pursues change toward the worst possible outcome. Not only does the settlement insult the victims and reward gang-banksters for their crimes, it also accelerates pending foreclosures, ruins title law, and destroys real estate values. It seems we can rely on Obama to always do exactly the wrong thing.

“Mortgage Settlement Will Plunge Real Estate Values” by Greg Hunter

How can Chuck Currie be so clueless?


Pass The American Jobs Acts For A Stronger, More Moral America

How can a UCC minister fall for this wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing??? I mean really, we excel critical thinking, unless it is in the Bible, we do not take it on faith.

I mean the proper hashtag would be #kleptocracyNow.

He and everyone else cheering for this proposed bill needs to read it. Why would ANYONE support raising the eligibility for Medicare? That takes a bad health care system and makes it worse and at the same time more expensive. Currie should be supporting HR 676, after all the UCC has endorsed it.

He also needs to take a close look at the proposed Infrastructure Bank, or should I say kleptocracy bank, which will make it impossible for localities to do anything without paying endless fees and rents to banksters.

While there is some good in this legislation, that good is being dangled before our eyes to distract us from the grievous harm that it would do.

Obama’s, Congress’s, and City Council’s war on DC’s poor

Mark Warner D-Empty Suit

Warner is advocating that we default on the debt owned to future retirees. He is such a one termer.

DC City Council sides with Sindley Whiplash

Guess it is okay again to steal homes in D.C.

Fraudclosure Fail | D.C. Council Alters Foreclosure Law, Removes Clause Which Said That Any Violation of the Law Would Void a Foreclosure

I don’t know what the vote was; but every single kleptocrat who voted for this needs to be replaced.

Urban VI versus Clement VII

That is what our national political discourse reminds me of. The difference between Obama and the Democrats and Boehner and the Republicans is like the difference between Urban VI and Clement VII. The only thing that they care about is who controls the power and who gets the loot. They are totally indifferent to the well being of ordinary Americans.

Mark Warner’s shame

Trying to steal people’s retirement.

The US has a fiat currency, there is no deficit crisis.

Attention Mark Warner, if you actually can prove there is a deficit crisis, you can win $100 million for the US treasury. Guess what, you won’t even try, because you know that deficit hysteria is a hoax. You are such a one termer.

Edit – on the other hand, maybe voters in Virginia like politicians who steal their Social Security.