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If Sanders runs for president, Dean may support him

BURLINGTON, Vt. – If Sen. Bernie Sanders runs for president he could have support from former Gov. Howard Dean.

Dean says right now he is backing Hillary Clinton if she decides to run in 2016. But he said if Sanders got in the race, he’d have to consider supporting the home state candidate.

So far it looks like he is building his email list, but as a sitting US Senator he would have the most credibility as an emergent party candidate.

I am already on record as proposing a fusion candidate strategy for a Bernie Sanders candidacy.

There is a Friends of Bernie Sanders website where you can sign up for email updates. And a Friends of Bernie Sanders Twitter feed. (In addition to the Senator Bernie Sanders Twitter feed.) And a Bernie Sanders YouTube channel. I suppose he is watching for what sort of feedback he gets. That is the wrong way to run for President. When Jimmy Carter told his mother that he was running for President she responded by asking him “President of what?” If Sanders wants to be President he is going to have to adopt a Jimmy Carter attitude, all or nothing.