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Answering KevinK’s question


I know this question will make heads explode on both the right and the left, but can you ever remember a time in your life when the Congress worked harder than they have since the beginning of 2009 (when they weren’t, you know, intently examining the Clenis)? Pretty good for the underrated Pelosi/Reid combo and the inexperienced, lazy-ass Kenyan.

Yes, the 88th Congress

Between Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, she is the best of a bad lot; but that is not saying much. However, should she be replaced by Steny Hoyer (D-MBNA) it would mean the end of the Democratic party, women really would walk out if the first female speaker was replaced for a crony capitalist.

However, should the Republicans retake Congress, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi would have no one but themselves to blame.

What planet does Kojo live on?

Jason Cherkis makes some excellent points on Fenty’s misplaced priorities.

For me Fenty’s record of giving away public property to his cronies is enough to oppose him, but his union busting policies are another good reason to oppose him.

Does Kojo ever go east of Rock Creek Park?

How unpopular is Mayor Fenty?

Fenty booed by Dunbar High grads

If Rhee were doing good things for DC Schools Mayor Fenty would be cheered. When do Rhee’s boosters begin to notice that no one who has to live with the DC School system supports her?

Warren Mosler for US Senate from CT

People who don’t get it

Yo, Big Media Matt, pick up the phone and call Empower DC and you will understand why Fenty is so unpopular East of Rock Creek Park.

Or let me ask a question even you can understand, if the schools are getting better, why have so many parents pulled their child out of DC schools since Michelle Rhee came to town?

Sulaimon Brown for Mayor

As mayoral candidate, Gray taking wait-and-see approach with Rhee

D.C. Council chairman and newly announced mayoral candidate Vincent C. Gray said he would decide whether to retain schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee only after he is elected, and raised “burn out” and her impending marriage to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson as issues he would want to discuss with her.

This is a sign that Gray does not have what it takes to take on the right wing stink tanks and business interests who back Rhee. It is also a signal to Rhee that she can continue to disrespect this city and pay no price.

The best we can hope for is that the WTU will decline to endorse. Under the leadersheep of George Parker the WTU would never have the guts to endorse Sulaimon Brown.

If we want real change we have to have the courage to vote for candidates our media tells as are also rans. Otherwise the oligarchy that has run this city into the ground will continue to wield power.

The save Rhee campaign has begun

Bill Turque of all people:

Still, should Gray actually win in September, both he and Rhee stand to lose by parting company. Gray would face criticism from school reform advocates, locally and nationally, who like Rhee. He could also find private foundations less willing to invest their millions in D.C. schools with someone else in the chancellor’s office.

Should Gray prevail in September it would be evidence that school deform advocates are a minority within the city. And if private foundations are only interested in giving money to projects that are abhorrent to voters, better our mayor say thanks but no thanks to their money. I am not sure that Gray understands that, which is why I lean towards Sulaimon Brown.