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Creigh Deeds gets smart, the Washington Post gets stupid

Washington Post

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate R. Creigh Deeds will launch a campaign this week to portray his opponent’s longtime efforts to restrict abortion as out of the mainstream, a potentially risky strategy for a Democrat in the once solidly conservative state.

I don’t live in Virginia, but I can’t help but notice that the last 3 winners of state wide elections, Mark Warner, JIm Webb, and Tim Kaine, all ran as pro-choice candidates. Moreover, I seem to remember that Doug Wilder, in his 1989 bread through race for Governor, ran as a pro-choice candidate. In Virginia they will vote for a black, pro-choice Democrat, rather than a white anti-abortion nut. So, if Deeds can portray his opponent as an anti-abortion nut, he can probably win.

I am not the only one who feels this way.

Creigh Deeds for Governor campaign site.

Edit –
Creigh Deeds may be smart but it seems that members of his campaign could use a clue.

Mashed Republican

I think AIAW is correct, it is a Republican spud.

Having said that, this is a pretty funny post.

Blog wars

My new guilty pleasure.

Blogger kool aide

Check out the anti McAuliffe screed:

Lucky for T-Mac, he picked up a few things from his friend Bill Clinton who was a master at turning weakness into strength.

What was it about Clinton this blogger doesn’t like, was it the peace or the prosperity?

Back in the early 1990’s Terry McAuliffe introduced the Democratic Party to the corrupting influence of easy money from corporate lobbyists which had already infected the Republican Party and ultimately got us screwed on NAFTA, GATT and health care reform. By cutting deals, McAuliffe created a massive fund raising wall with himself as the gate keeper. To line up a run for Hillary Clinton in 2008, he closed the gate on Al Gore and blocked him from running in 2004 and doomed us all to 4 more years of George Bush and the current financial disaster we are now in. When Howard Dean showed us how to crash McAuliffe’s gate with millions of small donors, a ton of attack ads showed up in Iowa to sabotage Dean’s campaign.


How did McAuliffe block Gore from running in 2004? That makes no sense whatsoever. In fact the whole rant is just a series of allegations with no substantiation. It is bizarre. As a resident of DC, I don’t pretend to know which candidate should win the primary, but this blogger simply insults readers.

Coal county blogger endorses Brian Moran for Governor

Neal Osborne

Virginia currently has a voluntary goal of getting 12% of the state’s power from renewable energy sources by 2025. Terry McAuliffe said recently he wants the 12% to be mandatory, not voluntary. Creigh Deeds recently joined Governor Kaine in supporting an increase to 15%. Brian Moran has the better plan.

Moran is pushing for Virginia to get 25% of its energy from renewable resources by 2025.

Virginia is one of only five states with voluntary standards. If Virginia enacts Brian Moran’s plan, it will join the ranks of New York, Illionois, Maine, and others as one of the most environmentally friendly states. I wholeheartedly support this initiative.

As a Southwest Virginian, coal is a part of my life whether I realize it daily or not. So it’s understandably difficult to admit that eventually, we have to move away from coal. What will Southwest Virginia replace it with to keep our economy moving? One likely route is tourism. We have beautiful mountains and lakes. If our land and water is polluted and damaged, our tourism industry will take a hit before it is even out of its infancy stages.

Southwest Virginia, and indeed Virginia as a whole, needs a truly environmentally progressive governor, and that’s why I’m voting for Brian Moran.

It speaks volumes that someone from a coal county is responding to an environmental message. It makes me think that Gore really got through to people.

Boucher has changed his committee assignments to give him more power to shape broadband policies, and that is the future for Appalachia, not coal.