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Hillary Clinton called for a foreclosure moratorium in 2007

Reuters: WASHINGTON | Mon Dec 3, 2007 6:51pm EST

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton proposed on Monday a 90-day moratorium on home foreclosures to give financially troubled borrowers time to work with lenders and avoid losing their homes.

The New York senator outlined the proposal in a letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who is trying to broker a deal with mortgage lenders that would help troubled borrowers.

A Chicago operation

How Obama Rigged the Caucuses to Win the Nomination

Thanks, I think

Alt Hippo

Also, last Saturday I attended the first annual Roastacon, a celebration of all things not PUMA, and all things not PUMA Lite. By the way, DC Blogger your name (or really, your handle) came up at Roastacon, as the saving grace to an otherwise dismal state of affairs at the AOL (Anti-Obama Lexicologists).

I am glad people are reading my health care posts. For some of us Corrente Wire became a place of asylum during the 2008 primary. It was a place you could talk about anti-Hillary hate without slipping into racism. It reminds me of Eschaton in the summer of 2002.

The defening silence in netroots

Suburban Guerrilla

I was reading this critique of Eric Boehlert’s new book by Anglachel, and it reminded me of something I’d thought earlier today: I can’t believe that only a few bloggers have reviewed the book to date.

I mean, this is Eric Boehlert of Media Matters, author of very popular “Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush”. He’s one of the most respected and credible voices in the blogosphere. So why the deafening silence?

Bueller? Bueller?

Kevin Drum liked the book. Will Bunch also liked the book. Parodox liked the book.

How is it possible

that this most repellent image from the 2008 primary be resurrected??????

It really isn’t in Obama’s interest to remind readers of such ugliness.

Sexism, netroots, and the 2008 primary

Blogging On The Bus: What About The Sexism?

Eric Boehlert’s book,“bloggers on the bus: How the Internet Changed Politics and the Press”, is a tour de force about the rise of activist political blogging that deftly describes the rise of political blogging in the Bush Era. It takes the issue of political blogging and its effect on politics and journalism seriously and provides many first person accounts of how it came about. As part of the story, Boehlert reports on the period of the 2008 Democratic primary. That portion of the book will anger many in the blogosphere. Perhaps it should. But perhaps they should also consider whether the book portrays the episode accurately. I believe it does.

This is probably the most important book that will be written about the 2008 campaign.

Edit –
Glad to know you are thinking about it. Read the damn book!

Attention Harry Reid

Why Are the Democrats Letting Franken Twist in the Wind?

Does anyone wonder what the republicans would be doing if the shoe were on the other foot? Does anyone wonder what level of outrage would be leveled at the State of Minnesota if they were refusing to seat the rightfully elected REPUBLICAN?

Michael Moore’s Slacker Uprising — Trailer

Adolph Reed Jr. on the Obama brand

Written May 2008

It may be instructive to look at the outfit where he did his “community organizing,” the invocation of which makes so many lefties go weak in the knees. My understanding of the group, Developing Communities Project, at the time was that it was simply a church-based social service agency. What he pushed as his main political credential then, to an audience generally familiar with that organization, was his role in a youth-oriented voter registration drive.

The Obama campaign has even put out a misleading bio of Michelle Obama, representing her as having grown up in poverty on the South Side, when, in fact, her parents were city workers, and her father was a Daley machine precinct captain. This fabrication, along with those embroideries of the candidate’s own biography, may be standard fare, the typical log cabin narrative. However, in Obama’s case, the license taken not only underscores Obama’s more complex relationship to insider politics in Daley’s Chicago; it also underscores how much this campaign depends on selling an image rather than substance.

More and more I am convinced that Obama is the black Tony Blair.

Was Obama’s victory over Clinton based on misogyny