Mayor Vincent Gray leadership FAIL

Don’t give D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray the power to turn away the homeless

Gray (D) is proposing that D.C.’s right-to-shelter law — which requires the city to give shelter to anyone who needs it during the cold winter months — be modified so that social workers can try to get a homeless family to shack up with someone else when they want in from the cold. …

… Before they launched this brilliant idea, city officials held a couple “listening sessions” with families last week. Patty Mullahy Fugere, executive director of the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless, said the family members who came in told officials: “We would love not to be here” and “I don’t have family who can help me out” and “We don’t have alternatives.”

Then, Fugere said, “a staff member from [the Department of Human Services] told them: ‘We hear you loud and clear. If we had 15 days, if we had 30 days to help you find alternatives, we couldn’t. It’s about affordable housing.”

Yes, it’s about affordable, available housing. Not a mythical grandma’s house or stopgaps that might be good for reducing the numbers on paper but won’t go toward solving the real crisis in the gilded capital.

Edit –
Aunt Suzy Is No Answer to DC Homeless Family Crisis


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