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Merry Christmas Digby

Digby is having her annual fundraiser. Give if you can, or you can go to the Amazon search place on the lower right hand of her site and use it to fund something nice on Amazon. She gets a commission on every sale begun thru a search on her site. That is what I did.

Vincent Orange and the parking meter maintenance contract

Why is Vincent Orange pushing so hard for a Maryland parking company? That’s the $20,000 question.
According to DC Council staffers, an adamant Vincent Orange has been speaking up about a parking meter maintenance contract, stating that a Maryland-based company should have received the contract instead of Xerox, which was objectively selected by a city procurement panel. Orange seems adamant that the city selected the wrong vendor, and has made efforts within the Wilson Building to make sure his colleagues know that he firmly believes Worldwide Parking is the better team for the job. That has at least a few of his fellow councilmembers getting annoyed.